Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 21 no. 3-4 (1994)

Radiation Changes in Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Analysed by the Effectiveness of the Radiation
S. Tsvetkova, E. Nedkov, V. Krestev
pp. 001-008, [abs, pdf]
The Beam-Plasma Pumping of a Three-Level Laser System
A. Babaskin, S. Mouharov
pp. 009-018, [abs, pdf]
Development of a Field-Medium Polarization Coherence and a Field Envelope Evolution in a Travelling Wave Laser
A. Babaskin, A. Kirichok, S. Mouharov
pp. 019-029, [abs, pdf]
Intercomparison of the Efficiencies of Rotational Raman and Rayleigh Lidar Techniques for Measuring the Atmospheric Temperature
I.D. Ivanova, L.L. Gurdev, V.M. Mitev
pp. 030-040, [abs, pdf]
Influence of the Gas Mixture Composition on the CO2 Laser Plasma Parameters
M.G. Baeva, P.A. Atanasov
pp. 041-046, [abs, pdf]
A Time-Resolved Method for Precise Determination of Optical Fiber Parameters
L.I. Pavlov, L.M. Ivanov, P.P. Branzalov
pp. 047-053, [abs, pdf]
Choke-Coil Charging of Artificial Inductance-Capacitance Lines in Pulsed Oscillators
N.I. Mihailov, O.I. Vankov, Ch.G. Ghelev
pp. 054-059, [abs, pdf]
Microwave Reflectometer with a Single Directional Coupler
B.I. Vichev, N.I. Todorov, K.G. Kostov, R.I. Kozhuharov
pp. 060-064, [abs, pdf]
A Microwave Dicke-Type Radiometer Front-End for Polarization Studies of Natural Objects
B.I. Vichev, K.G. Kostov, E.N. Krasteva
pp. 065-071, [abs, pdf]
Optical Properties of Ion Plated Thin DLC Films
I. Garnev, V. Orlinov, K. Jarrendahl, I. Ivanov
pp. 072-079, [abs, pdf]
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