Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 22 no. 1-2 (1995)

Perturbation Calculations for the Schrödinger Equation with a Bistable Potential
M.R.M. Witwit
pp. 001-006, [abs, pdf]
Using the Periodical Cross Section Structure in the Unresolved Resonance Region
N. Koyumdjieva
pp. 007-012, [abs, pdf]
A Model for Initial Ionization and Charge Fluctuations in 12B and 16N Ions Generated in Nuclear Muon Capture
A. Proykova, N. Nankoff, L. Grenacs
pp. 013-021, [abs, pdf]
Forward pp-Elastic Scattering at 35.7 GeV/c
Z.M. Zlatanov
pp. 022-025, [abs, pdf]
A New Method for Experimental Investigation of Dielectrics
H. Ponevski
pp. 026-037, [abs, pdf]
Effect of Substrate Temperature on Stability of HOMOCVD A-Si:H
P. Danesh, A. Toneva
pp. 038-043, [abs, pdf]
A Technology for 2-Dimensional HTS Josephson Junctions Arrays
P. Martinoli, B. Jeanneret, V. Tsaneva, T. Luthy, D. Ariosa, C. Leemann, Ph. Lerch, J. Burger
pp. 044-059, [abs, pdf]
Mathematical Modelling of Infrared Remote Sensing by an Airborne Radiometer
E.S. Ferdinandov, V.I. Tsanev, B.O. Todorov, O.G. Zaharieva
pp. 060-068, [abs, pdf]
Quantitative Estimate of Si, Al and Fe Diffusion Titanium Nitride Barrier Layers
G.I. Grigorov, K.G. Grigorov, M. Stoyanova, J.L. Vignes, J.P. Langeron, J. Perriere
pp. 069-075, [abs, pdf]
Characteristic Impedances of Face-Coupled Strip Transmission Line
V.R. Voinov, R.I. Voinova
pp. 076-082, [abs, pdf]
Quasi-One-Dimensional Calculations of Underexpanded, Supersonic Jets of Arc Heated Gas
B.E. Djakov
pp. 083-095, [abs, pdf]
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