Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 23 no. 1-2 (1996)

Scalar-Electromagnetic Interaction and the Confining and Screening Properties of Electromagnetism
C. Wolf
pp. 001-008, [abs, pdf]
Study of Fission γ-Ray Yields from Low-Energy Resonances of 237Np
S. Borzakov, A. Kalinin, I. Ruskov, E. Dermendjiev, S.M. Soloviev
pp. 009-016, [abs, pdf]
Variations of the Absorption Coefficients in Experiments with Beta-Particles
E. Vapirev, P. Grozev, N. Krasteva, T. Jordanov, M. Serezlieva, S. Amin
pp. 017-026, [abs, pdf]
Some Modifications in the Glauber Theory for Electron-Atom and Electron-Molecule Scattering
Z.N. Begum, Z.H. Khan
pp. 027-036, [abs, pdf]
The Luminosity Functions of Some Halo Globular Clusters
J. Borissova, H. Markov, N. Spassova
pp. 037-042, [abs, pdf]
Phase Transitions and Dissymmetry
M. Bushev
pp. 043-050, [abs, pdf]
Variability of the HeII Pickering Lines in the Spectrum of EZ CMa During the Period 1990-1993
M.M. Ivanov, L.N. Georgiev, T.S. Valchev
pp. 051-057, [abs, pdf]
Laser Optogalvanic Analysis of Thin Film Tidckness in Hollow Cathode Discharge
V. Mihailov, R. Djulgerova
pp. 058-062, [abs, pdf]
Electron Energy Distribution Function in Ne-H2 Hollow Cathode Discharge at Intermediate Pressures
G.M. Petrov, P.M. Pramatarov, M.S. Stefanova
pp. 063-072, [abs, pdf]
Automated System for Transient Optical Absorption Measurements
I. Rusinov, A. Blagoev
pp. 073-078, [abs, pdf]
Calculation with Improved Accuracy of Characteristic Impedances of Coupled Strip Lines
V. Voinov, R. Voinova
pp. 079-085, [abs, pdf]
Theoretical Notes on XPS Signal Formation and Processing in Two-Component Targets
A. Stanchev, V. Miteva
pp. 086-092, [abs, pdf]
Calculation of Reactive Circuits Used for High-Power Current Pulses Formation On An Inductive Load
N. Mihailov, O. Vankov, Ch. Ghelev
pp. 093-096, [abs, pdf]
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