Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 23 no. 3-4 (1996)

Simulations of the Multiturn Injection into Nuclotron Booster
V. Anguelov, D. Dinev
pp. 097-103, [abs, pdf]
Cluster Knockout Nuclear Reactions and Momentum Distributions of Clusters in Atomic Nuclei
K. Spasova, A.N. Antonov, P.E. Hodgson
pp. 104-115, [abs, pdf]
A Soliton-like Model for the Photon
P. Kamenov, B. Slavov
pp. 116-128, [abs, pdf]
Estimation of the Total Fallout of 90Sr and 137Cs over the Territory of Bulgaria after the Chernobyl Accident
E.I. Vapirev, G. Georgiev, T. Jordanov, A.V. Hristova
pp. 129-137, [abs, pdf]
A New Criterion for the Identification of OB Associations in Nearby Galaxies
G.R. Ivanov
pp. 138-141, [abs, pdf]
An Apparatus for Experimental Determination of the Thermal Diffusion Factor αT by Column Measurements
J. Georgiev, A. Zahariev, D. Dimitrov
pp. 142-149, [abs, pdf]
Development of Method for Thermal Diffusion Factor αT Experimental Estimation by Means of a Thermal Diffusion Column
J. Georgiev, A. Zahariev, D. Dimitrov
pp. 150-156, [abs, pdf]
Polarization Effect In As2S3
L. Lazov, P. Stojanova
pp. 157-161, [abs, pdf]
The Oxygen Vacancies — Pseudo-Jahn-Teller Defect Centers in Quartz
M. Georgiev, A. Manov
pp. 162-169, [abs, pdf]
Charge Carrier Transport in Poly(N-vinylcarbazole) Layers with Different Physical Structures
L.I. Drajeva, K.G. Grigorov, B. Klein-Szymanska
pp. 170-175, [abs, pdf]
CARS Spectrometer for Single-Shot Investigation of Ultrabroadband Raman Lines
V.H. Astinov, G.M. Georgiev
pp. 176-180, [abs, pdf]
Automated Langmuir Probe Based System for Electron Energy Spectrum Measurements in a RF Glow Discharge
K. Bachev, E. Tatarova, E. Stoykova, N. Djermanova
pp. 181-192, [abs, pdf]
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