Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 24 no. 1-2 (1997)

Hydrogen Atom Energy Spectrum via the Terletsky Distribution Function in Phase Space
E.N. Evtimova
pp. 003-012, [abs, pdf]
A Neutron Method for Estimation of the Isotopic Ratio of 10B and 11B
I. Penev, B. Damyanov, N. Janeva, H. Shukov, B. Kunov, -L. Dimitrov
pp. 013-016, [abs, pdf]
Estimation of Diffusion Membranes Applicability to the Separation of Gas Mixtures
J.K. Georgiev
pp. 017-025, [abs, pdf]
Spectroscopic Studies of Plasma Temperature in a Low-Pressure Hydrogen Plasma
M.H. Elghazaly, A.M. Abo Elbaky, A.H. Bassyouni, H.Tuczek
pp. 026-031, [abs, pdf]
On the Spectra of Relaxation Times in the Cooperative Motion of Supercooled Liquids
C. Solunow
pp. 032-038, [abs, pdf]
Persistent Currents in Multichain Mesoscopic Rings
I.Z. Kostadinov, E.S. Penev
pp. 039-059, [abs, pdf]
Dielectric Polarization and Impurity Levels in Undoped and Doped Bi4Ti3O12
S.P. Yordanov, P.I. Stoyanova
pp. 060-062, [abs, pdf]
Periodic Bound States of the Magnetic Flux in Josephson Lattices of Resistive Inhomogeneities
N. Alexeeva, T. Boyadjiev
pp. 063-073, [abs, pdf]
Gas Temperature and Density in Interelectrode Space of a Longitudinal Sputtering Diode System
T. Donchev
pp. 074-080, [abs, pdf]
Microwave Devices of a Balanced Radiometric System for Biological Investigations
A. Yanev, B. Simeonova, B. Todorov, Y. Ranev
pp. 081-087, [abs, pdf]
A Mobile FM/CW Scatterometer System for Ground-Based Monitoring at X-Band
N. Zerdev, R. Kojouharov, L. Mladenov
pp. 088-094, [abs, pdf]
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