Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 25 no. 1-2 (1998)

Application of Flux Limiting Techniques for Numerical Simulation of Streamer Like Situations
P.S. Pirgov, I.N. Iotov
pp. 001-019, [abs, pdf]
Application of the Bogolyubov Transformation to Anharmonic Oscillators
F.M. Fernández, E.A. Castro
pp. 020-023, [abs, pdf]
Generation of Pulsed Magnetic Fields Using Reactive Shaping Circuits
N.I. Mihailov, O.I. Vankov, Ch. Ghelev
pp. 024-028, [abs, pdf]
Chromatic Effects in the Super-Conducting Accelerator Nuclotron
D. Dinev
pp. 029-037, [abs, pdf]
Multilayer Symmetrical Dielectric Stacks for Needs of Near IR Heat Reflector Design
M. Nenkov, T. Pencheva
pp. 038-048, [abs, pdf]
Plasma Bubbles on Langmuir Probe in an Inductively Coupled Plasma
S.T. Ivanov, R.W. Thomae, H. Klein, F.H. Hilschert, N.I. Nikolaev
pp. 049-055, [abs, pdf]
Metal Ions Implantation in Rapidly Solidified Aluminium Alloys
V. Dimova, D. Danailov, T. Markov, G. Zlateva, A. Djakov
pp. 056-061, [abs, pdf]
Pairing in Layered Cuprates by Two-Electron Exchange Between Adjacent Oxygen Ions
T.M. Mishonov, A.V. Groshev, A.A. Donkov
pp. 062-080, [abs, pdf]
Relation Between the Properties of a-Si:H Thin Films and the Growth Rate
A. Toneva, Tz. Mihailova
pp. 081-085, [abs, pdf]
Analytical Approximation of the Dose Distribution from Point Beta-Sources
P.A. Grozev, E.I. Vapirev
pp. 086-093, [abs, pdf]
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