Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 25 no. 3-4 (1998)

Programmable Current Regulator
S. Koutzarov, G. Popov
pp. 097-103, [abs, pdf]
Measurement Errors with Micro-Laser Particle Spectrometer μLPS-16
Zh.S. Nickolov, G.M. Georgiev
pp. 104-111, [abs, pdf]
Combined Method for Resonance Cross Sections Parametrization
A.A. Lukyanov, I.A. Sirakov
pp. 112-123, [abs, pdf]
Nonlinear Dynamics in the Superconducting Accelerator Nuclotron
D. Dinev
pp. 124-133, [abs, pdf]
Viscosity and Second Virial Coefficient of CCl4 and CCl4-CH4 Mixture
L. Zarkova, I. Petkov, P. Pirgov
pp. 134-139, [abs, pdf]
Growth Mode, Structure and Orientation Changes in Co/NaCl Layers under the Influence of Temperature and Ion Bombardment
E. Michailov, N. Georgiev, D. Dobrev
pp. 140-149, [abs, pdf]
Rough Superconducting — Normal Interfaces and the Josephson Effect: A Modified Ginzburg-Landau Type Theory
Z.D. Genchev
pp. 150-160, [abs, pdf]
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus for Measuring the Spin Lattice Relaxation Time
R. Marinov, K. Shoumarov, A. Derzhanski
pp. 161-165, [abs, pdf]
Estimation of Resonant Third-Order Hyperpolarizability of Beta-Carotene from Raman and Absorption Spectroscopy
A.B. Bhattacherjee
pp. 166-170, [abs, pdf]
A Study of Defect Structure of Sputter-Deposited SnOx Film Using the Doppler Broadening of the Annihilation Line
N. Nancheva, P. Docheva, M. Misheva, N. Djourelov
pp. 171-176, [abs, pdf]
Some Properties of Thin Films of Titanium Monoxide Synthesized by Reactive Evaporation
K.G. Grigorov, M. Stoyanova, I. Martev, G. Grigorov, L. Drajeva-Grigorova, R. Spoken
pp. 177-180, [abs, pdf]
A Clear-Air Propagation Prediction System: Evaporation Duct Application
I. Sirkova
pp. 181-187, [abs, pdf]
Cepheid Distribution in the Galaxy
G.R. Ivanov
pp. 188-192, [abs, pdf]
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