Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 25 no. 5-6 (1998)

Capacitively Coupled Radio-Frequency Excited Infrared He-Cd Laser
P. Telbizov, T. Petrov, M. Grozeva, N. Sabotinov, J. Mentel, D. Teuner, J. Mizeraczyk
pp. 193-201, [abs, pdf]
Nonlinear Phenomena in Plasmas Due to the Ponderomotive Forces: Soliton Solutions
Kh.I. Pushkarov
pp. 202-223, [abs, pdf]
Broad-Beam Low-Energy Ion Source for Research and Technology Applications
I.N. Martev, G.I. Grigorov, M.V. Stoyanova
pp. 224-232, [abs, pdf]
Correspondence Between Spin-1 and Spin-1/2 Models — Mean-Field Approximation
V.D. Karaivanov
pp. 233-236, [abs, pdf]
Nematic-Smectic C Phase Transition and Free Suspended OOBA and DOBA Thin Film Stability
Y.G. Marinov, P.D. Simova
pp. 237-247, [abs, pdf]
Investigation of Ethanol Vapours Adsorption on the Oxide Surface of Si-SiO2 Structures by Vibrating Kelvin Electrode Method
S.S. Georgiev, J.B. Koprinarova
pp. 248-255, [abs, pdf]
Measurement System for Investigation of Dielectrics Using Selective Polarisation Method
H. Ponevski, G. Belev, G. Bojanov, I. Yovchev, D. Tokmakov
pp. 256-263, [abs, pdf]
Some Electrical Parameters and Characteristics of Semiconductor Diamond and Diamond Electron Devices
pp. 264-276, [abs, pdf]
On Mode Locating in the Tropospheric Ducting Problem
I.D. Sirkova, A.P. Popov
pp. 277-281, [abs, pdf]
Do Nonlocal Discrete Time Quantum Effects Inhibit the Formation of Black Holes
C. Wolf
pp. 282-287, [abs, pdf]
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