Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 26 no. 1-2 (1999)

Generating New Static Solutions from Known Ones in Scalar-tensor Theories
S. Yazadjiev
pp. 001-004, [abs, pdf]
Pre-processing of the Cloud Sprctra Registered at Ground Based Remote Sounding in the Visible Spectral Range
I.S. Genkova, V.I. Tsanev
pp. 005-016, [abs, pdf]
A Highly Sensitive Fiber-Optic Angular Alignment Scheme
T. Eftimov, T. Todorov
pp. 017-022, [abs, pdf]
Alpha-particle Momentum Distributions in Nuclei and (α, 2α) Reactions on 12C and 16O
K.P. Drumev, K. Spasova, A.N. Antonov
pp. 023-028, [abs, pdf]
Accurate Measurements of Neutron Activation Cross Sections
V.M. Semkova
pp. 029-042, [abs, pdf]
Is It Necessary to Readjust the Pairing Force Constant Due to Particle Number Projection?
B. Slavov, V.I. Dimitrov
pp. 043-047, [abs, pdf]
A Method for Position Measurement of Accelerated Charged Particle Continuous Beam
A.H. Angelov
pp. 048-052, [abs, pdf]
A Study on Multiphase Composites for Acoustic Inhomogeneous Impedance Matching Layers
S.G. Mesohoryanakis, V.L. Strashilov
pp. 053-064, [abs, pdf]
Diffusion Barrier Properties of CVD Thin Tungsten and Tantalum Films Deposited on WC/Co Metalloceramics
K. Gesheva, D. Gogova, T. Ivanova
pp. 065-070, [abs, pdf]
Superconducting Cd and Ca Doped 123 Phase in Cd0.8Ba2(Y0.7Ca0.4)Cu3.5Oy
N. Balchev, V. Kovachev, J. Thomas, W. Bieger, K. Konstantinov, B. Kunev
pp. 071-075, [abs, pdf]
One Domain Model of the Planar Hall Effect in Thin Magnetic Films
L. Vatskitchev
pp. 076-081, [abs, pdf]
Electric Conductivity and Dielectric Properties of Polycrystalline Solid Solutions MgTiO3–CaTiO3
M.M. Nadoliisky, V.D. Parvanova, M.P. Maneva
pp. 082-086, [abs, pdf]
The Brightest Stars and the Distances to the Galaxies NGC 1569 and NGC 2337
T.B. Georgiev, B.I. Bilkina, N.M. Dencheva, R.I. Ivanova, T.S. Valchev
pp. 087-096, [abs, pdf]
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