Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 26 no. 3-4 (1999)

Quantum Nonsymmetric Gravity Geometric Commutation Relations
N. Mebarki, A. Maireche
pp. 097-108, [abs, pdf]
Symmetric Anomalous Statistics and Two-State Paramagnetism
C. Wolf
pp. 109-114, [abs, pdf]
Large Angles Measurements by Laser Interferometer
S. Shurulinkov, Y. Sarov, S. Sainov
pp. 115-121, [abs, pdf]
Laser Refractometer
Y. Sarov
pp. 122-128, [abs, pdf]
Laser Refractometer with an Interferometric Angle-Measurement Device
S. Shurulinkov, L. Nedeltchev, S. Sainov
pp. 129-135, [abs, pdf]
Revealing of Large Linear Errors from Orbit Measurements
D. Dinev
pp. 136-147, [abs, pdf]
Numerical Model of Low-Current Negative Glow Helium Plasma
D.A. Guenov, A.B. Blagoev
pp. 148-156, [abs, pdf]
Ellipsometric Investigation of Solid Supported Thin Liquid Films of Lipids
A. Paneva, M. Karabaliev, V. Kochev
pp. 157-164, [abs, pdf]
The Efficiency of Laser Radiation Absorption by Hemoglobin and Oxyhemoglobin in the Skin Blood Vessels
M. Asimov, R. Asimov, A. Gisbrecht
pp. 165-171, [abs, pdf]
Floating Potential and Electric Field Measurement by a Spherical Ion Analyzers
G.A. Stanev, S.C. Chapkunov, N.G. Bankov, G.L. Gdalevich
pp. 172-180, [abs, pdf]
UBVR Survey of the Bright Red Stars in the Field of the Galaxy M33
T.B. Georgiev, B.I. Bilkina
pp. 181-192, [abs, pdf]
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