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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 27 no. 3 (2000)

Induced Transition Metal Moments in Rare-Earth Compounds
L. Chioncel, E. Burzo, S.G. Chiuzbaian
pp. 001-012, [abs, pdf]
Magnetic Ordering in a Family of 3-Dimensional Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Magnets
M.A. Gîrţu
pp. 013-016, [abs, pdf]
Polarization and Polarization Controlling in Optical Fibers
İ. Kara, A. Güngör, N. As
pp. 017-020, [abs, pdf]
Coherent Effects in Optical Pumping of Atoms
S. Cartaleva, G. Alzetta, Y. Dancheva, Ch. Andreeva, R.M. Celli
pp. 021-024, [abs, pdf]
Surface-Wave Sustained Discharges — Self-Consistent Modelling
E. Benova, Ts. Petrova
pp. 025-029, [abs, pdf]
Information from the Shapes of Spectral Lines
S. Mijovic, M. Vuceljic
pp. 030-033, [abs, pdf]
The Self-Sustaining of Non-Linear Oscillations in Microhollow Cathode Discharges
L.D. Biborosch, U. Ernst, M. Toma, K. Frank
pp. 034-037, [abs, pdf]
Plan Probe Characteristic in the Presence of Secondary Electron Emission
S. Teodoru, G. Popa
pp. 038-041, [abs, pdf]
The Analysis of Breakdown Probability Using Time Delay Method
J.P. Karamarković, G.S. Ristić, M.M. Pejović
pp. 042-045, [abs, pdf]
Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Cosmology at the Planck Scale
G.S. Djordjević, B. Dragovich, Lj. Nešić
pp. 046-049, [abs, pdf]
On Schrödinger-Type Equation on p-adic Spaces
D. Dimitrijević, G.S. Djordjević, B. Dragovich
pp. 050-053, [abs, pdf]
Free Particle in Fractional-Dimensional Space
A. Matos-Abiague
pp. 054-057, [abs, pdf]
Exact Static Solutions in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton Gravity with Arbitrary Dilaton Coupling Parameter
S. Yazadjiev
pp. 058-061, [abs, pdf]
On Adelic Generalization of Cosmological Minisuperspace Models
B. Dragovich, Lj. Nešić
pp. 062-065, [abs, pdf]
A Free Boundary Problem in the Theory of the Stars
S.S. Yazadjiev, T.L. Boyadjiev, M.D. Todorov, P.P. Fiziev
pp. 066-069, [abs, pdf]
Numerical Solution of Selected Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics
M. Cristea, A. Cristea
pp. 070-073, [abs, pdf]
Synoptic Flow Types Associated with Hailstorm Activity in Northern Greece
M.V. Sioutas, H.A. Flocas
pp. 074-077, [abs, pdf]
Local Correlations in Cloud Base Height Records Studied with the Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA) Method
N. Gospodinova, K. lvanova, M.A. Michalev, E.E. Clothiaux
pp. 078-081, [abs, pdf]
Soil Porosity Distribution and the Underground Water Transport Characteristics
D. Diaconu
pp. 082-085, [abs, pdf]
Study of the Pollution Exchange between Bulgaria and Northern Greece
C. Zerefos, D. Syrakov, K. Ganev, A. Vasaras, K. Kourtidis, M. Tzortziou, M. Prodanova, R. Dimitrova, E. Georgieva, D. Yordanov, N. Miloshev
pp. 086-089, [abs, pdf]
Laboratory Experiments on Radionuclides Partition Between Solid and Liquid Phases
Al. Toma, C. Dulama, M. Pavelescu
pp. 090-093, [abs, pdf]
216Po Activity Concentrations in Mussels at Aegean Turkish Coast
F. Sekkin, A. Tanbay, G. Yener
pp. 094-097, [abs, pdf]
Exposures from Natural Radiation Background in Romania
O. Iacob, E. Botezatu
pp. 098-101, [abs, pdf]
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