Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 27 no. 4 (2000)

Multiscale Analysis of a Davydov Model with an Harmonic Long Range Interaction of Kac–Baker Type
D. Grecu, A. Vişinescu
pp. 001-005, [abs, pdf]
Dosimetric Personal Control of Occupational Staff by Film and TL Dosimeters
J. Mberica, L. Qafmolla
pp. 006-011, [abs, pdf]
Pore Formers Effect on UO2 Sintered Pellets
D. Ohai, J. Dumitrescu, V. Balan, M. Mihalache
pp. 012-015, [abs, pdf]
Properties of Some Polyurethanes Containing Active Biological Segments
L Diaconu, F. Topoliceanu, T. Buruiana, E.C. Buruiana
pp. 016-019, [abs, pdf]
The Quantum Nondemolition Experiments and the Uncertainty Principle
Z. Gurel, A. Gurel
pp. 020-022, [abs, pdf]
Some Common Misconceptions in Fundamental Magnetism and Electricity
M. Erol, H. Çallica, S. Çalişkan, R. Kalem, N. Kavcar
pp. 023-026, [abs, pdf]
Methods for Presenting Key Concepts in Physics for MS Students by "Photon-MD" Program
P.E. Sterian, C.I. Toma
pp. 027-030, [abs, pdf]
Learning Electricity by Simulations
M. Logofătu
pp. 031-034, [abs, pdf]
Microcomputers-Based Laboratory for Physics Education
B. Logofătu, M. Munteanu
pp. 035-038, [abs, pdf]
Computer Tools for Improving Higher Education
B. Dumitru, N. Rizescu, R.I. Trascu , D. Ghemez, M. Ghelmez (Dumitru), M. Nedelcu
pp. 039-042, [abs, pdf]
An Investigation on Assessment System in Science Teacher Education
M. Bakac, H. Aydin
pp. 043-046, [abs, pdf]
Student Teachers' Views to Science Textbooks in Turkey
H. Aydin, M. Bakac
pp. 047-050, [abs, pdf]
The Dynamics of the Wave-Function Collapse
A. Gurel, Z. Gurel
pp. 051-054, [abs, pdf]
Milestones in the Development of Physics in the Sofia University (1889?1945)
G. Kamisheva, A. Vavrek
pp. 055-058, [abs, pdf]
Contents of the Courses in Physics in the Sofia University (1889?1945)
G. Kamisheva, A. Vavrek
pp. 059-062, [abs, pdf]
Glass Conversion of Lead-Rich Solid Industrial Wastes
G. Kaimakamis, P. Kavouras, Th. Ioannidis, Th. Kehagias, E. Pavlidou, Ph. Komninou, S. Kokkou, I. Antonopoulos, M. Sofoniou, A. Zouboulis, C.P. Hadjiantoniou, A. Prakouras, Th. Karakostas
pp. 063-066, [abs, pdf]
A Solar Pond Model with Insulated and Glass Covered Surface (IGCSP)
N. Özek, M. Karakilçik, N. Ç. Bezir
pp. 067-070, [abs, pdf]
Stand for Solar Water Collector Testing
R .Kirilov, M. Stoyanova
pp. 071-074, [abs, pdf]
A Combined Heating and Cooling System Using Entirely Solar Energy
P. Vitanov, St. Stamov, D. Velkov, M. Zlateva, N. Tyutyundjiev
pp. 075-078, [abs, pdf]
The Process of Heat Transfer in a Solar-Electrical Conversion System
S. Erel, E. Arcaklioglu, G.K. Erel
pp. 079-082, [abs, pdf]
Analysls of the Thermal Processes and the Shapes of Melted Zones at Electron Beam Welding and Melting
E. Koleva, G. Mladenov
pp. 083-096, [abs, pdf]
Transducer and Method for Quantitative Non-Destructive Evaluation of Pressure Tubes of the Nuclear Reactor from Nuclear Power Plants
R. Grimberg, A. Savin, D. Prémel, B.E. Bradu
pp. 097-100, [abs, pdf]
Evaluation of Fatigue State of Si 3% -Fe Sheets Based on Non-Destructive Magnetic Measurements
R. Grimberg, M.L. Craus, A. Andreescu, A. Savin
pp. 101-104, [abs, pdf]
Eddy Current Evaluation of Delamination in Carbon-Epoxy Composite Materials
R. Grimberg, A. Savin, R. Steigmann, D. Prémel
pp. 105-108, [abs, pdf]
Propagation of Lamb Waves in Layered Wood Materials: Debonding Evaluation
R. Grimberg, A. Lupu, C.R. Rotundu, A. Andreescu
pp. 109-112, [abs, pdf]
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