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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 27 no. S1 (2000)

Void Reactivity Effect in a Typical CANDU Cell Using CPs and a Multistratified Coolant Model
M. Constantin, V. Balaceanu
pp. 001-004, [abs, pdf]
High Performance Concrete from Spent Fuel Interim Storage Facility for the CANDU Fuel Resulted from Cernavoda NPP Operation
N. Deneanu, M. Dulama
pp. 005-008, [abs, pdf]
Gamma Irradiation Tests of Concrete Material Recommended for Storage Casks of Spent Nuclear Fuel Arising from Cernavoda NPP
M. Dulama, N. Deneanu, C. Dulama, E. Baboescu
pp. 009-012, [abs, pdf]
Efficiency Calibration of a Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Device for Surface Contamination Determination
C. Dulama, Al. Toma, M. Pavelescu
pp. 013-016, [abs, pdf]
Spin-Vibrational 1+ States in 140Ce
E. Gouliev, Ö. Yavaş, A.A. Kuliev
pp. 017-020, [abs, pdf]
A Search for the Collective Iπ = 1+ Excitations in 140Ce Nucleus at FELγ-Nucleus Colliders
E. Gouliev, Ö. Yavaş
pp. 021-024, [abs, pdf]
Calculation of Mass Energy Absorption Coefficients and Mass Radiation Absorption Coefficients for Aluminium and Water Mediums
O. Gürler, H. Öz, S. Yalçın
pp. 025-028, [abs, pdf]
Excitation of Isomeric States in (n,γ) Reactions
Hr. Hristov, A. Mihov, M. Mitrikov, N. Balabanov, A. Antonov, S. Marinova
pp. 029-032, [abs, pdf]
Neutron Dosimetry for Metal Embrittlement Determination of Kozloduy NPP Reactor Pressure Vessels
K.D. Ilieva, S.I. Belousov, T.G. Apostolov
pp. 033-036, [abs, pdf]
The Measurement of the Backscatter Factors for Photons of Low Energy
I.I. Tomljenović, M.M. Ninković
pp. 037-041, [abs, pdf]
The Study of Energy Spectrums of Beta Particles Which Penetrated through a Certain Material Thickness with Abundant Group Energy Approach
S. Yalçın, O. Gürler
pp. 042-045, [abs, pdf]
Development of Transcendent al Theories of the Theories & 6D Time-Space for Cosmos and Planets
Z.D. Andonov
pp. 046-049, [abs, pdf]
H2O+ and CO+ in Comet C/1999 J3 (Linear)
T. Bonev, K. Jockers, P. Korsun, N. Karpov, A. Sergeev
pp. 050-053, [abs, pdf]
Resonant Interactions between Kinetic Alfven Waves and Relativistic Electrons
R. Borcia, M. Ignat, I.D. Borcia
pp. 054-057, [abs, pdf]
Photometry of the Near Nucleus Dust Distribution in Comet C/1999 S4 (Linear)
G. Borisov, T. Bonev, A. Ivanova
pp. 058-061, [abs, pdf]
Narrow-Band Imaging of the Wind-Blown Bubbles NGC 2359 and NGC 7635
B. Efremova, V. Golev, T. Bonev
pp. 062-065, [abs, pdf]
Photometric Parallaxes of B-Type Dwarfs
V. Georgiev, N. Kaltcheva
pp. 066-069, [abs, pdf]
The Region of Canis Major OB1
V. Georgiev, N. Kaltcheva, P. Kunchev
pp. 070-073, [abs, pdf]
The Distance to NGC 6946
G.R. Ivanov
pp. 074-076, [abs, pdf]
Preperihelion Evolution of the CN Coma in Comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR)
A. lvanova, T. Bonev, G. Borisov
pp. 077-080, [abs, pdf]
Unusual Variable Star in Dwarf Galaxy IC1613
R. Kurtev, J. Borissova, W. Li, A. Filipenko, L. Georgiev
pp. 081-084, [abs, pdf]
Morphology and Evolution of a Hα Eruptive Prominence
A. Ökten, V .N. Dermendjiev, N.I. Petrov, T. Özışık, H.H. Esenoglu
pp. 085-088, [abs, pdf]
A Preliminary Stellar Photometry in NGC6946
P. Pessev, R. Kurtev
pp. 089-092, [abs, pdf]
Muon Cherenkov Telescope
J. Stamenov, I. Angelov, I. Kalapov, E. Malamova
pp. 093-096, [abs, pdf]
A Mathematical Model for the Lateral Distribution Function of the Atmospheric Cerenkov Light in EAS
L. Alexandrov, M. Brankova, I. Kirov, S.Cht. Mavrodiev, A. Mishev, J. Stamenov, S. Ushev
pp. 097-100, [abs, pdf]
Systematics of Flow Parameters at Energies between SIS and SPS
S. Backović, I. Pićurić, D. Salihagić
pp. 101-104, [abs, pdf]
Electronic Aspects of Mutagenic Activity of Some Organic Compounds
Y. Köseoğlu, M. Kumru, A. Dimoglo
pp. 105-109, [abs, pdf]
Structures and Dynamics of Pd13 Clusters
M. Böyükata, M. Karabacak, S. Özçelik, Z.B. Güvenç, J. Jellinek
pp. 110-114, [abs, pdf]
Parity Unfavoured Transitions from Double Excited States of Helium
M. Doğan, A. Crowe
pp. 115-118, [abs, pdf]
Electron-Electron Correlation Studies
M Doğan
pp. 119-122, [abs, pdf]
Molecular Dynamics Study on Structures and Melting of Pd9 Clusters
M. Karabacak, M. Böyükata, S. Özçelik, Z.B. Güvenç, J. Jellinek
pp. 123-126, [abs, pdf]
Structures and Melting of Cu13 Clusters
S. Öztürk, Z.B. Güvenç, J. Jellinek
pp. 127-130, [abs, pdf]
A Photon Absorption by Slow Electrons on Rare Atoms
A.R. Tančić, M.R. Nikolić
pp. 131-133, [abs, pdf]
FT-IR, UV-VIS and ESR Investigation of Three Vanadium (IV) Substituted Keggin Polyoxometalate
C. Crăciun, L. David, D. Rusu, M. Rusu, O. Cozar, V. Chiş
pp. 134-137, [abs, pdf]
Relations Between the Adjacency Matrix and Distance Matrix of Benzenoidal Molecules
G. Jashari, A. Veseli
pp. 138-141, [abs, pdf]
Rotational Energy Transfer in Gas Mixtures
M. Terzić, J. Jovanović-Kurepa, D.D. Markushev
pp. 142-145, [abs, pdf]
Spectroscopic Studies of One Sandwich-Type Polyoxomet alate with Three Cerium(III) Ions
A.R. Toma, L. David, C. Crăciun, M. Rusu, T. Budiu, C. Raţiu
pp. 146-149, [abs, pdf]
Shift Measurement in Some Ionized Argon and Nitrogen Spectral Lines
L. Istrefi, M. Bytyçi, N. lzairi
pp. 150-152, [abs, pdf]
Analyses of Transverse Momentum Spectra in Central C+C and C+Ta Interactions at 4.2 AGeV /c Beam Momentum within a Cylindrical Collective Flow Model
S. Backović, I. Pićurić, D. Salihagić, D. Krpić
pp. 153-156, [abs, pdf]
The Recombination Kinetics and Lifetime Distribution for CdS Epitaxial Layers
I. Burda, S. Simon, S.D. Anghel, M. Todica, G. Cerbanic
pp. 157-160, [abs, pdf]
A Theoretical Study of Chlorine Adsorption on the Si/Ge(001)-(2×1) surface
M. Çakmak, Y. Çiftçi, K. Çolakoğlu, G.P. Srivastava
pp. 161-164, [abs, pdf]
On the Kinetics of the α-β HgI2 Phase Transition Investigated by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
M. Daviti, S.N. Toubektsis, K.M. Paraskevopoulos, E.K. Polychroniadis
pp. 165-168, [abs, pdf]
The SnS2-SnSe2 System: Growth and Morphology
M.M. Gospodinov, V. Marinova, I. Yanchev, A.N. Anagnostopoulos, K. Kyritsi
pp. 169-172, [abs, pdf]
Physical Characterisation of Some Semiconductor Clusters Encapsulated in Zeolites
F. Iacomi
pp. 173-177, [abs, pdf]
Galvanomagnetic Effects of Bi:2212 Doped with Gd and Zn Epitaxial Thin Films
G. Ilonca, A.V. Pop, T. Jurcut, M. Ilonca, I.D. Tulai, C. Lung, G. Stiufiuc, R. Stiufiuc
pp. 178-181, [abs, pdf]
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