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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 27 no. S2 (2000)

Shallow-Donor States in GaAs-Ga1-xAlxAs Multiple Quantum Wells: A Fractional-Dimensional Space Approach
A. Matos-Abiague, M. de Dios-Leyva, L.E. Oliveira
pp. 001-004, [abs, pdf]
Magnetic Interactions in Hg1-xMnxTe1-ySey
D. Milivojević, B. Babić Stojić, M. Stojić, V.A. Kulbachinskii, P.D. Maryanchuk, I.A . Churilov
pp. 005-008, [abs, pdf]
Optical Phonons in Hg1-xMnxTe1-ySey Mixed Crystals
M. Romčević, N. Romčević, V.A. Kulbachinskii, P.D. Maryanchuk, I.A. Churilov
pp. 009-012, [abs, pdf]
Equidistant Electronic States in Diffused GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Wells
V. Donchev, M. Saraydarov, N. Shtinkov, S. Vlaev
pp. 013-016, [abs, pdf]
Dependence of Dielectric Constant on Frequency, Temperature and Thickness in MOS Capacitors
A. Tataroğlu, Ş. Altındal, K. Çolakoğlu, İ. Dökme
pp. 017-020, [abs, pdf]
Transport Phenomena in La2-xBaxCuOy Epitaxial Thin Films
G. Ilonca, A.V. Pop, T. Jurcut, C. Lung, G. Stiufiuc, R. Stiufiuc, O. Furdui, R . Deltour
pp. 021-024, [abs, pdf]
Structural Properties of (Bi,Pb)2(SrBa)2(Ca1-xREx)Cu3Oy Bulk Superconductors
G. Ilonca, A.V. Pop, C. Lung, R. Stiufiuc, G. Stiufiuc, I. Matei
pp. 025-028, [abs, pdf]
Hall Effect, Electrical Resistivity and AC Susceptibility of (Bi1.6Pb0.4)Sr2Ca2(Cu1-xCox)3Oy Superconductors
G. Ilonca, A.V. Pop, T. Jurcut, C. Lung, I.D. Tulai, I. Matei, R. Stiufiuc, G. Stiufiuc, N. Dulamita
pp. 029-032, [abs, pdf]
Attempt of Identification of Superconducting Phase (102 K) in CdBa2Can-1CunOx Samples
R.T. Mariychuk, P.P. Popovich, V.V. Bunda, S. Mészáros, E.E. Semrad
pp. 033-036, [abs, pdf]
The Influence on the Resintering Temperature of Ag Dopped YBCO Materials with Various Silver Content
Z. Milosavlevski, V. Micevski, V. Lovchinov, S. Stoimenov
pp. 037-040, [abs, pdf]
The Influence on the Resintering Temperature of Ag Dopped YBCO Materials with Various Silver Content
Z. Milosavlevski, V. Micevski, V. Lovchinov, S. Stoimenov
pp. 037-040, [abs, pdf]
The Influence of Atomic Substitution on the Intergrain Vortex Pinning of Bulk (Bi, Pb) (Sr, Ba) Superconductors
A.V. Pop, G. Ilonca, C. Lung, G. Ştiufiuc, R. Ştiufiuc, R. Deltour
pp. 041-044, [abs, pdf]
Charge Carriers Energy Spectra in Anisotropic and Bounded Structures
J.P. Šetrajšić, B.S.Tošić, S.M.Stojković
pp. 045-048, [abs, pdf]
Some Properties of the Ionomeric Polyurethanes with Photochromic Azobenzene Groups
T. Buruiana, E.C. Buruiana, I. Diaconu
pp. 049-052, [abs, pdf]
Eu and Yb Depth Profile Analysis in Insulators
A. Çetin, N. Can
pp. 053-056, [abs, pdf]
Crystal Structure of 2,4 Dimethoxy Benzylidene-2-Hydroxy Aniline
N. Dilek, B. Güneş
pp. 057-060, [abs, pdf]
Investigation of Visco-Elastic Properties of Alkyl Cyanobiphenyl Homolog Series of Liquid Crystals
H. Epik, E. Gündüz
pp. 061-065, [abs, pdf]
Molecular Structure of Some 4-Thiazolidinones Derivatives
S. Öztürk, M. Akkurt, M. Aygün, N. Öcal, Ç. Yolaçan
pp. 066-068, [abs, pdf]
Molecular Structure of C13H18N4O2
S. Öztürk, Ş. Işik, M. Macit
pp. 072-075, [abs, pdf]
Electrooptical Investigations of the Poly(Ethylene Oxide)-Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Interactions
H. Spasevska, S. Rendevski, N. Andonovska
pp. 076-080, [abs, pdf]
The Characterisation of Al2TiO5 Compounds Obtained from the Liquid Phase (DAF)
L. Stoica, C.G. Plapcianu, M.I. Toacsan, A. Lupu, O. Micu, G. Alexe
pp. 081-084, [abs, pdf]
Crystal and Molecular Structure of C22H19N3O2S
M. Akkurt, S. Öztürk, H.-K. Fun, Z. Önal, B. Altural
pp. 085-088, [abs, pdf]
Emission of Acoustic Phonons by Hot Carriers in Wurtzite GaN Epilayers
M. Erol
pp. 089-092, [abs, pdf]
Electric Field Dependence of Transport Properties of Electrons in Wurtzite Gallium Nitride Epilayers
M. Erol
pp. 093-096, [abs, pdf]
Thermodynamic Properties of the Systems with Heterogeneous Masses
L. Mašković, R. Maksimović, B. Tošić
pp. 097-100, [abs, pdf]
On the Kinetics of Diffusion in Polycrystalline Materials
M.C. Paraschiv, A. Paraschiv, V.V. Grecu
pp. 101-104, [abs, pdf]
FTIR Spectroscopic Analysis of Paint Materials Applied in Byzantine Wall Paintings
D.I. Siapkas, T. Zorba, K.M. Paraskevopoulos
pp. 105-108, [abs, pdf]
The Influence of Sulfur on the Surface of Zinc Coating
G. Vourlias, G. Stergioudis, E.K. Polychroniadis
pp. 109-112, [abs, pdf]
Influence of the Sample Diameter on the Switching Process of Magnetostrictive As-Cast FeSiB Wires
H. Chiriac, F. Borza
pp. 113-116, [abs, pdf]
Influence of Direct Current on the Hysteresis Loops of Fe-Based Amorphous Ribbons
G. Birkok, O. Kamer
pp. 117-120, [abs, pdf]
Structure of Al1-xFex Prepared as Thin Films
F. Ylli, J.P. Eymery, A. Michel
pp. 121-124, [abs, pdf]
Investigations of the Static Properties of Liquid V, Nb and Ta
C. Cevizci, M.D. Hekimoglu, M. Öcal, T. Armagan
pp. 125-134, [abs, pdf]
Domain Wall Propagation in Fe-Rich Glass Covered Amorphous Wires Used in Sensing Applications
M. Neagu, H. Chiriac, E. Hristoforou, I. Darie
pp. 135-138, [abs, pdf]
Thermoelastic Characterization of Sintered TiNi Materials
S. Stoimenov
pp. 139-142, [abs, pdf]
Lattice Dynamics of fcc and bcc Strontium
K. Çolakoğlu, Y. Çiftei, M. Çakmak, Ş. Altındal, M. Kasap
pp. 143-146, [abs, pdf]
Phonon Spectra in Superlattices
D.I. Ilić, I.K. Junger , D.D. Šijačić, S.K. Jaćimovski, J.P. Šetrajčie
pp. 147-150, [abs, pdf]
Estimation of the Energy Threshold of a Wide-Angle Cerenkov Teleskope Applying Ice as a Reflecting Surface (The Mussala Ice Lake)
I. Kirov, E. Malamova, J. Stamenov, I. Angelov
pp. 151-154, [abs, pdf]
Two-Segment Spectra Model for Surface Roughness Simulated by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Algorithm
L.V. Vulkova, I.S. Atanasov, O.I. Yordanov
pp. 155-158, [abs, pdf]
The Period Doubling Route to Chaos of the Electrical Conductivity in Excited Photoconductors
E. Papazoglou, K.G. Kyritsi, A.N. Anagnostopoulos, G.L. Bleris
pp. 159-162, [abs, pdf]
Phase Characteristic Changes of Gaussian Beam by Transfer through a Complex GRIN-Element
A. Andreevska
pp. 163-166, [abs, pdf]
On the Optical Properties of CdSe Films Deposited by Quasi-Closed Volume Technique
C. Baban, G.G. Rusu, I.I. Nicolaescu, G.I. Rusu
pp. 167-170, [abs, pdf]
Optical Properties of Some Polyurethane Cationomers with Azoaromatic Chromophores
E.C. Buruiana, T. Buruiana
pp. 171-174, [abs, pdf]
Diffraction Characterstics of an Aperture with Cosine Pearl Form
Lj. Janicijevic, S. Topuzoski, M. Jonoska
pp. 175-178, [abs, pdf]
Measurement of Some Material Characteristics of Optical Glasses by Means of Double-Exposure Holographic Interferometry
N.G. Sultanova
pp. 179-182, [abs, pdf]
Optical Plastics Applications in New Technologies
N.G. Sultanova, I.D. Nikolov, C.D. Ivanov
pp. 183-186, [abs, pdf]
The Necesstty for Using Oscillating Systems for Sampling Optoelectronic Signals
C.I. Toma
pp. 187-190, [abs, pdf]
Biologically Active Species Adsorption on PVC Surfaces Treated by a Dielectric Barrier Discharge
G. Borcia, N. Dumitrascu, G. Popa
pp. 191-194, [abs, pdf]
Departure from Thermal Equilibrium in the Contraction Region of High-Pressure Hg Arcs
M. Cristea
pp. 195-198, [abs, pdf]
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