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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 27 no. S3 (2000)

A Project for Large-Scale Stark Broadening Data Production: Ca IX and Ca X Spectral Lines
M.S. Dimitrijević, S. Sahal-Bréchot
pp. 001-004, [abs, pdf]
Kinetic Theory Qpesic Waves in Plasmas with Different Positive and Negative Ions
D.Ž. Gajić, B.S. Milić, N.V. Novaković
pp. 005-008, [abs, pdf]
Influence of Compliance for Second Harmonic Generation on Electromagnetic Wave Polarization
B.M. Jovanović
pp. 009-012, [abs, pdf]
Quantum Processes in Discharge Plasma Double Layer
M. Strat, G. Strap, S. Gurlui
pp. 013-016, [abs, pdf]
Energy Minimisation in Amorphous Ribbon Materials
N. Derebasi
pp. 017-020, [abs, pdf]
Threshold Energy in Direct Transition
M. Istrate
pp. 021-024, [abs, pdf]
On the Electromagnetic Nature of the Matter and the Gravitation
P.R. Penchev
pp. 025-028, [abs, pdf]
Exact Bound States of the Truncated Kratzer Potential
V. Urumov
pp. 029-032, [abs, pdf]
Exact Results for BEG Model of Regularly Mixed Higher Ising Spins
V. Urumov
pp. 033-036, [abs, pdf]
Evaluation of GRID Products of Reading and Bracknell Numerical Weather Prediction Models over Balkan Region
H.P. Hristov
pp. 037-040, [abs, pdf]
Long Range Forecast for First Autumn Frost According to Ground Surface Data or the Region of Dobroslavtzi
R. Ivanov, R. Ivanov
pp. 041-044, [abs, pdf]
Automatic Digital Registration of Meteorological Parameters
G. Mardirossian
pp. 045-048, [abs, pdf]
Compensation Seismoreceiver
G. Mardirossian, B. Boytchev
pp. 049-052, [abs, pdf]
Modeling of Atmospheric Flow Field: A Transport of Pollutants
M.M . Popović, M. Dacić, Z. Gršić
pp. 053-056, [abs, pdf]
The Dependences of Air Pollutant Concentration as Well as the Temperature on Diffusion
D. Radlović, A.Višekruna, M. Pantić
pp. 057-060, [abs, pdf]
On Temperature Variabilities in Middle Atmosphere Over Southeastern Europe
P.T. Simeonov, S.I. Kolev
pp. 061-067, [abs, pdf]
Water Tightness Investigation of the Second Dam of Façeshi Reservoir by the Means of Tracer Methods
S. Amataj, J. Zotaj
pp. 068-071, [abs, pdf]
Ozone Air Pollution over the Balkan Peninsula
V. Grigoeieva, S. Kolev, M.Mihalev
pp. 072-075, [abs, pdf]
MCCM A Mixing Cell Cascade Source Term Computer Code for LILW Facility
P. Ilie, L. Didita
pp. 076-079, [abs, pdf]
Methodology for Investigation of the Soil-Plant Systems — Spectral Optical Characteristics in the Visible and Near Infrared Field of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
V. Ilieva
pp. 080-083, [abs, pdf]
Method of Natural Background Precise Measurements
V. Miloslavov
pp. 084-087, [abs, pdf]
Lead and Cadmium Concentrations of Deep Sea Food Samples Obtained from Bosphorus
D. Özçelik, M.C. Akyolcu, K. Temizyürek, S. Toplan
pp. 088-091, [abs, pdf]
Sr-90 and Cs-137 Level in Milk in Some Areas of Albania After Chernobyl
L. Qafmolla, K. Fishka
pp. 092-095, [abs, pdf]
Results of an Investigation of the Radioactive Contamination of Soils in the Region around 'Kozlodouy' NPP
I. Yordanova, D. Staneva, L. Misheva, M. Najdenov
pp. 096-099, [abs, pdf]
Radon Concentration in Dwelling Houses
R.M. Bytyçi, L. Istrefi, J. Hoxha, Xh. Ibrahimi, H. Dervishi
pp. 100-101, [abs, pdf]
Use of Alternative Sources of Energy: Design Study of Photovoltaic Based Parking Area Lighting System
V. Perraki, G. Loucas
pp. 102-105, [abs, pdf]
Data Monitoring System for PV Solar Generators
M. Stoev, A. Katerski, A. Williams
pp. 106-109, [abs, pdf]
Dissipative Structures in the Stock Market Space
M. Gligor, M. Ignat
pp. 110-119, [abs, pdf]
Photoconductive Frequency-Resolved Spectrometer with M68HC11 Microcontroller
I. Burda, S. Simon, M. Todica, S.D. Anghel, G. Cerbanic
pp. 120-123, [abs, pdf]
Ferrites as Catalysts of Increasing Importance
M. Caldararu, M. Feder, V. Vilceanu
pp. 124-127, [abs, pdf]
On Transport Properties of Granular Nix-(SiO2)1-x Thin Films
H. Chiriac, M. Lozovan, M. Urse, F.V. Rusu, A.-E. Moga
pp. 128-131, [abs, pdf]
The Large Gyromagnetic Effect on Post Production Treated Amorphous Wires
N. Derebasi, T. Meydan
pp. 132-135, [abs, pdf]
Thermal Expansion of Al2TiO5-MgO Ceramics
M. Ivanova, L. Stefanovska, S. Popjanev, M. Milosevski
pp. 136-139, [abs, pdf]
The Comparison of the Structures of Some Cationic Forms of Clinoptilolite Obtained from Manisa-Gordes in Turkey Using Their XRD Spectrums
E. Izci, Ö. Orhun
pp. 140-144, [abs, pdf]
An Investigation on the Optical and Photoelectrical Properties of TlGaX2 (X = S, Se) Ternary Compounds
N. Kalkan, J.A. Kalomiros, A.N. Anagnostopoulos
pp. 145-148, [abs, pdf]
The Investigation of Dielectric Properties of Na Cationic Form of Clinoptilolite Obtained from Manisa-Gordes Region in Turkey
Ö. Orhun, E. Izci
pp. 149-157, [abs, pdf]
Spatial Distribution of Current Densities in an Infrared Image Converter
B.G. Salamov, H. Yucel, K. Çolakoğlu
pp. 158-161, [abs, pdf]
A Comparasion of Optical Properties of SnO2 Thin Films Prepared by Reactive Evaporation and Annealing
K. Ulutaş, D. Değer
pp. 162-165, [abs, pdf]
Structural and Preferential Orientation Characterization of the New PAN Fibres, Used as Carbon Fibre Precursors, by X-Ray Diffraction Techniques
I. Pencea, G. Tiriba
pp. 166-169, [abs, pdf]
Investigation of the Pulse Breakdown Characteristics in Nitrogen by Dynamical and Time Delay Measuring Methods
Č. Maluckov, M. Radović, V. Marković, O. Stepanović, I. Denić
pp. 170-173, [abs, pdf]
Dosimetric Measurements of Low Power Microwaves Absorption in Liquid Samples
S. Miclaus, D. Ionescu, E. Surducan
pp. 174-178, [abs, pdf]
The Mean Value and the Standard Deviation of the Breakdown Time Delay in Neon vs Number of Events
M.K. Radović, T.V. Jovanović, Č. Maluckov, O. Stepanović
pp. 179-182, [abs, pdf]
Temperature Dependence of Photo VAC of Vidicon Target on the Base of a-Si:H
M.A. Afrailov, I. Tapan, U.S. Bobohadjaev
pp. 183-186, [abs, pdf]
Vibrating Bonds and the Fermi Level in Pseudodoped a-Si:H
M.A. Afrailov, N. Derebasi, R.G. Ikramov
pp. 187-190, [abs, pdf]
Physical Quality Control and Nondestructive Testing in Industry
K.S. Akay, A. Avinç
pp. 191-194, [abs, pdf]
Simulation of Signal Generation for Argon Based Gas Detectors
N. Demir, I. Tapan
pp. 195-198, [abs, pdf]
N. Tzankova Dintcheva, F.P. La Mantia
pp. 199-202, [abs, pdf]
Microwave Impact on Enzyme Lactate Dehydrogenase
A. Hategan, D. Martin, A. Popescu, C. Oproiu, I. Margaritescu
pp. 203-206, [abs, pdf]
pH and Cation Effect on Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose Rheology
F. İmer, M. Kozcaz, İ. Sönmezoğlu
pp. 207-210, [abs, pdf]
Microorganisms Inactivation by Electron Beam Irradiation and Microwave Heating
I. Margaritescu , D. Martin, D. Ighigeanu, A. Hategan, C. Oproiu, E. Mateescu, G. Craciun, A. Ighigeanu
pp. 211-214, [abs, pdf]
Radiation Vulcanization Efficiency Improvement by Addidonal Use of Microwave Energy
D. Martin, D. Ighigeanu, H. Iovu, I. Calinescu, C. Oproiu, E. Mateescu, A. Ighigeanu, G. Craciun
pp. 215-218, [abs, pdf]
On Some Analogy between Natural Phenomena and Corresonding Social Phenomena
L. Mašković, S. Pilipović, M. Milošević
pp. 219-222, [abs, pdf]
Physicochemical Characterization of Al-Pilcs Prepared From Different Romanian Bentonites
E. Popovici, I. Bedelean, Gh. Singurel, G. Arghir, D. Pop, H. Bedelean, M. Ivan
pp. 223-226, [abs, pdf]
Relation between Cigarette Smoking and Human Serum Cadmium Concentration
D. Özçelik, M.C. Akyolcu, S. Toplan, K. Temizyürek
pp. 227-230, [abs, pdf]
An Application in Biology of Coupled Electrical Circuits
V.M. Cosma, M. Lozovan, M. Cosma, D.A. Hagianu
pp. 231-234, [abs, pdf]
Human Eye Functional Changes Induced by Occupational Exposure to Microwave Fields
S. Miclaus, Gh.V. Vlad, A. Ionus
pp. 235-241, [abs, pdf]
Fast Neutrons Radiotherapy and Treatments with Drugs Bearing-SH Groups
L. Radu, B. Constantinescu, D. Gazdara, I. Radulescu
pp. 242-245, [abs, pdf]
Mutations Induction on the Characters of Wheat by Physical and Chemical Mutagenes
A. Ylli (Kraja), I. Stamo, D. Zeneli
pp. 246-249, [abs, pdf]
Influence of Charged Macromolecules (Lysozyme) to Electroacoustic Signals Excited in a Solution
N. Tankovsky, K. Nedev, G. Alexieva
pp. 250-254, [abs, pdf]
Determination of Optimal Physical Characteristics of Glass Microelectrodes and Their Content in Intracellular Action Potential Recording
K.Temizyürek, M.C. Akyolcu, D. Özçelik
pp. 255-258, [abs, pdf]
Effects of Lead as a Heavy Metal on Oxidative Stress in Organism
S. Toplan, D. Özçelik, N. Darryerli, M.C. Akyolcu
pp. 259-262, [abs, pdf]
An Investigation of 8th Year-Students' Anxieties Towards the Science Lessons
M. Bakac, H. Aydin
pp. 263-266, [abs, pdf]
Environmental Awareness through Teaching Physics
M. Djidjova
pp. 267-270, [abs, pdf]
Comparison of the Characteristics of the Gravitational Force, Gravity and Weight
L. Mitranic
pp. 271-274, [abs, pdf]
The Harmonization of Physics Teaching with Math ? Issues and Suggestions
Z. Mulaj, L. Çano, D. Cipo, M. Toçi
pp. 275-278, [abs, pdf]
Some Limit Cases in General Physics
Z. Mulaj, T. Mulaj, A. Topalli
pp. 279-282, [abs, pdf]
Pilot Project for Physics Teachers in High-School
M. Munteanu, B. Logofătu, M. Logofătu
pp. 283-286, [abs, pdf]
The Modelling a Way for Reflexive Management of the Students Cognitive Work in Learning Physics
A. Petev, M. Hekimova, M. Atanasova
pp. 287-290, [abs, pdf]
DelphiCAL ? Delphi Computer Aided Learning. New Features in Delphi to Assist Application of Computer Techniques in Education
C. White, A. Alizoti
pp. 291-294, [abs, pdf]
Physics in the Consideration of Hasan Tahsin — The First Rector of University of Istanbul
D. Spahiu, Z. Mulaj
pp. 295-298, [abs, pdf]
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