Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 28 no. 5-6 (2001)

Does a Scalar Meson Field Represent an Irrotational Perfect Fluid in Bimetric Theory?
G. Mohanty, P. Sahoo
pp. 193-199, [abs, pdf]
Statistical Entropy of Axial Symmetry Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton-Axion Black Hole
Zh. Ren, Zh. Junfang, Zh. Lichun
pp. 200-208, [abs, pdf]
Case Study of the Intermittence of Cloud Base Height Fluctuations Using Singular Measures
N. Gospodinova, K. Ivanova, M. Mlkhalev
pp. 209-216, [abs, pdf]
String Cosmology in the Lyra Geometry
F. Rahaman, S. Chakraborty, M. Hossain, N. Begum, S. Das
pp. 217-224, [abs, pdf]
A Simple Method for Determining Thermal Conductivity Coefficients of Conducting Thin Films
Chi Pan
pp. 225-237, [abs, pdf]
Phase Composition and Superconducting Properties of (Pb0.6SnyCu0.4-y)Sr2(Y1-xCax)Cu2Oz
N. Balchev, K. Nenkov, B. Kunev, A. Souleva, Ts. Tsacheva
pp. 238-245, [abs, pdf]
Dielectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Modified PbTiO3 Ceramics
M. Nadoliisky
pp. 246-249, [abs, pdf]
Dielectric Properties of (100-x)BaTiO3.x(In2O3.SnO2) Ceramics
V. Parvanova, M. Nadoliisky
pp. 250-255, [abs, pdf]
Diamond Deposition on Metals from the Vapour Phase: Nucleation, Growth and Adhesion Studies
N. Ali, Q. Fan, W. Ahmed, J. Gracio
pp. 256-274, [abs, pdf]
Study on Ultrasonic Velocity and Elastic Properties of -radiated Borate Glasses
N. Abd El-Aal
pp. 275-288, [abs, pdf]
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