Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 30 no. 1-2 (2003)

Plane-Symmetric Scalar-Tensor Cosmological Solution with a Radiation Fluid
S.S. Yazadjiev
pp. 01-06, [abs, pdf]
A Derivation of Newton's Law of Gravitation from Electromagnetic Forces
A.D. Tsakok
pp. 07-20, [abs, pdf]
All-Optical Self-Oscillations in an Interference Filter
G. Zartov, R. Peyeva, B. Bozhkov
pp. 21-30, [abs, pdf]
Strain Field Due to Transition Metal Impurities in Cu
H. Sharma, S. Prakash
pp. 31-44, [abs, pdf]
The 0-M-O Triatomic Molecule: Basic Unit of Cuprates and Manganates
S.G. Tsintsarska, M.D. Ivanovich, M. Georgiev, A.D. Gochev
pp. 45-51, [abs, pdf]
Itinerant Vibronic Polarons: A Merrifield Approach. Low Energy Range Calculations
S.G. Tsintsarska, A. Andreev, M.D. Ivanovich, M. Georgiev, D.W. Brown, K. Lindenberg
pp. 52-59, [abs, pdf]
Recent Developments of Home Research on High-Tc Superconductivity and Colossal Magnetoresistance: An Attempted Survey
M. Georgiev, N. Balchev
pp. 60-69, [abs, pdf]
Calorimetric Studies on PET/PA6 and PA66/PA6 Drawn Blends with Various Thermal Histories
M. Evstatiev, S. Petrovich, B. Krasteva
pp. 70-79, [abs, pdf]
Mechanical Study on Drawn and Undrawn Poly(Butylene Terephthalate)/Polyarylate Blends of Various Compositions
M. Evstatiev, B. Krasteva, T. Serhatkulu, F. Yilmaz
pp. 80-88, [abs, pdf]
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