Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 30 no. 3-4 (2003)

Exact Self-Consistent Plane-Symmetric Solutions to the Spinor and Scalar Field Equations
B. Saha, G.N. Shikin
pp. 089-112, [abs, pdf]
Scale Covariant Theory of Gravitataion in Kink Space-Time
B. Mishra
pp. 113-116, [abs, pdf]
The Single Particle Schrodinger Fluid and Moments of Inertia of Deformed Nuclei
S.B. Doma
pp. 117-124, [abs, pdf]
On the Validity of the Surface Law
V.Lj. Marković, S.R. Gocić, S.N. Stamenković
pp. 125-130, [abs, pdf]
Effect of the Structures on the Optical Properties of (PbLa)TiO3 Thin Films
N.L.V. Carreño, J.H.G. Rangel, C.D. Pinheiro, E. Longo, E.R. Leite, L.E.B. Soledade, J.A. Varela, C.E.M. Campos, P.S. Pisani
pp. 131-140, [abs, pdf]
A New Concept about the Static Structure and Alkali Non-Bridging Oxygen Dependence of the Mixed Alkali Effect in Bismuthate Glasses
Sh. El-Desouki, E.E. Shaisha, A.A. Bahgat
pp. 141-151, [abs, pdf]
Synthesis of Magnesium Aluminate Powders Utilizing the Solubility Relationships in the Mg-Al-Oxalic acid-H2O System
Z. Ding, M. Zhang, J. Han
pp. 152-157, [abs, pdf]
Photo-Oxidative Degradation of Recycled, Reprocessed HDPE: Changes in Chemical, Thermal and Mechanical Properties
J.H. Khan, N. Ahmed
pp. 158-169, [abs, pdf]
A Possible Mechanism for Particle Creation in Early Universe
K. Nozari
pp. 170-174, [abs, pdf]
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