Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 31 no. 3-4 (2004)

Borders of the Liquid Crystalline Phase in the Triton X-114 – Water Binary System
S. Panayotova, I. Bivas
pp. 83-86, [abs, pdf]
Some Properties of Doped SnO2 Thin Films Used in EL and LC Display Structures
K. Kolentsov, L. Yourukova, A. Zheliaskova, A. Rachkova
pp. 87-91, [abs, pdf]
Colour Characteristics of AC HEL Structures with Various Protective Layer
L. Yourukova, K. Kolentsov, A. Zheliaskova
pp. 92-95, [abs, pdf]
Evaluation of Short-Term and Long-Term Stability of Emulsions by Centrifugation and NMR
S. Tcholakova, N. Denkov, I. B. Ivanov, R. Marinov
pp. 96-110, [abs, pdf]
Surface Memorization Driven by Surface Polar Angle Values in Achiral and Induced by Mixture Chiral Liquid Crystals
B. Katranchev, M. Petrov
pp. 111-117, [abs, pdf]
Thermal and Electroconvective Dendrites in the Nematic Phase with Short Range Smectic Order of 4,n-Heptyl and 4,n-Octyloxybenzoic Acids
H. Naradikian, B. Katranchev, E. Keskinova, M.P. Petrov, J.P. Marcerou
pp. 118-129, [abs, pdf]
Optical Properties in Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystal Indicator Used in the Thermometry
H. Naradikian, B. Katranchev, T. Angelov, R. Ugrinov
pp. 130-134, [abs, pdf]
Application of Real-Time SAXS, WAXS, DSC, and PLM Methods for Investigation of Structure and Phase Transitions of Poly(heptane-1,7-dyil-4,4'-biphenyldicarboxylate).
G. K. Todorova, M. N. Kresteva, M. Iliev, E. Pérez, J. M. Pereña, A. Bello, M. Shlouf
pp. 135-147, [abs, pdf]
A New Model of Onion-Like Fullerenes and Their Polymers
B. D. Kandilarov, V. Detcheva, M. Barneva
pp. 148-153, [abs, pdf]
Synthesis and magnetic properties of Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn0.5Cu0.5O3 and Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn0.5Ru0.5O3
N. Balchev, B. Kunev, J. Pirov, A. Souleva, K. Nenkov
pp. 154-161, [abs, pdf]
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