Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 31 no. 5-6 (2004)

Neural Network Based Density Measurement
P. Neelamegam, A. Rajendran
pp. 163-169, [abs, pdf]
On the Diffraction Model Approach to Cluster Stripping Nuclear Reactions
I. A. Barghouthi, M. M. Abu-Samreh, N. L. Qumri
pp. 170-196, [abs, pdf]
Thermosensitive Quartz Crystal Resonators under Fast Neutrons and Gamma Rays
R. Velcheva, L. Spassov, Yu. Filippov, E. Kulagin, V. Miklayev
pp. 197-203, [abs, pdf]
Assessment of Structural Properties of InAs/GaSb Superlattice by Double Crystal X-Ray Diffraction and Cross-Sectional Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy
O. Maksimov, J. Steinshnider, M. Weimer, R. Kaspi
pp. 204-212, [abs, pdf]
Positron Annihilation Study on Positron Annihilation Study on Structure
A. S. Abdul Humid
pp. 213-221, [abs, pdf]
The Dislocation Evolution in Polycrystalline Copper Affected by Loading Ratio under Pure Tension
H. L. Huang, H. T. Tsreng, N. J. Ho
pp. 222-234, [abs, pdf]
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