Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 33 no. 1 (2006)

Direct Third Harmonic Generation in Single Quadratic Crystal in Quasi Phase Matched Regime
S. M. Saltiel, P. K. Datta, K. Koynov, V. L. Saltiel
pp. 1-12, [abs, pdf]
Simulation of Adiabatic Capture in Nuclotron
O. Brovko, D. Dinev
pp. 13-24, [abs, pdf]
Interferometric Control of the Absorbing Liquids
Hr. Stoyanov
pp. 25-38, [abs, pdf]
High-speed Precise Laser Cutting with Copper Bromide Laser
I.I. Balchev, N.I. Minkovski, I.K. Kostadinov, N.V. Sabotinov
pp. 39-47, [abs, pdf]
Defect Formation in 18 MeV Electron Irradiated MOS Structures
S. Kaschieva, V. Gueorguiev, E. Halova, S. N. Dmitriev
pp. 48-54, [abs, pdf]
Investigation of Dental Caries Using Laser and Light-Induced Autofluorescence Methods
E. Borisova, Tz. Uzunov, L. Avramov
pp. 55-67, [abs, pdf]
Age Determination of Possible Binary Open Clusters NGC 2383/NGC 2384 and Pismis 6/Pismis 8
V. Kopchev, G. Petrov, P. Nedialkov
pp. 68-72, [abs, pdf]
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