Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 33 no. 2 (2006)

Local Current Algebras: Early Ideas and New Quantum-Theoretical Directions
G.A. Goldin
pp. 081-97, [abs, pdf]
p-Adic and Adelic Superanalysis
B. Dragovich, A. Khrennikov
pp. 098-113, [abs, pdf]
Towards a Cartan Classification of Quantum Algebras
M.A. del Olmo, A. Ballesteros, E. Celeghini
pp. 114-127, [abs, pdf]
A Construction of Lie Superalgebras B(m,n) and D(m,n) from Triple Systems
N. Kamiya
pp. 128-139, [abs, pdf]
On an Exact Cosmological Solution of Higher Spin Gauge Theory
E. Sezgin, P. Sundell
pp. 140-154, [abs, pdf]
An su(1|1)-Invariant S-Matrix with Dynamic Representations
N. Beisert
pp. 155-165, [abs, pdf]
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