Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 33 no. s1 (2006)

Noncommutative Spacetime, and Quantum Coordinates of an Event
K. Fredenhagen
pp. 3-9, [abs, pdf]
The Power of Entanglement
A. Sudbery
pp. 10-21, [abs, pdf]
Quantum Computing without Qubit-Qubit Interactions
A. Beige
pp. 22-31, [abs, pdf]
Brane Physics in 6-Dimensions
S. Randjbar-Daemi
pp. 33-50, [abs, pdf]
Classical Phase Space Singularities and Quantization
J. Huebschmann
pp. 51-68, [abs, pdf]
Higher Dimensional Vertex Algebras and Rational Conformal Field Theory Models
I. Todorov
pp. 69-80, [abs, pdf]
Bethe Ansatz in AdS/CFT Correspondence
K. Zarembo
pp. 81-96, [abs, pdf]
Spontaneously Broken Supergravity: Old and New Facts
R. D’Auria, S. Ferara, M. Trigiante
pp. 97-110, [abs, pdf]
Effective 3d Quantum Gravity and Non-Commutative Quantum Field Theory
L. Freidel, E.R. Livine
pp. 111-127, [abs, pdf]
Conifold Geometries, Matrix Models and Quantum Solutions
G. Bonelli, L. Bonora, A. Ricco
pp. 128-146, [abs, pdf]
AdS/CFT Duality and Deformed N = 4 Super-Yang-Mills Theory
E. Sokatchev
pp. 147-154, [abs, pdf]
Classical and Quantum Reduction of Couplings in Unified Theories
M. Mondragón, G. Zoupanos
pp. 155-173, [abs, pdf]
Classification of Superintegrable Systems in Three Dimensions
E.G. Kalnins, J.M. Kress, W. Miller, Jr.
pp. 174-189, [abs, pdf]
Maximal Supergravities and the E10 Model
A. Kleinschmidt, H. Nicolai
pp. 190-214, [abs, pdf]
Noncommutative QFT and Renormalization
H. Grosse, R. Wulkenhaar
pp. 215-225, [abs, pdf]
Open Boundary State and String Field Theory
Y. Matsuo, H. Isono
pp. 229-241, [abs, pdf]
Thermodynamics of Static Black Objects in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity
L.C.R. Wijewardhana, C. Sahabandu, P. Suranyi, C. Vaz
pp. 242-251, [abs, pdf]
Graviton and Spherical Graviton Potentials in Plane-Wave Matrix Model (Overview and Perspective)
K. Yoshida, H. Shin
pp. 251-260, [abs, pdf]
Fractional Space-Like Branes
S. Kawai
pp. 261-268, [abs, pdf]
Clash of Symmetries in a Brane World Picture
K.C. Wali
pp. 269-276, [abs, pdf]
Dualities from Quantum Effective Action in Braneworld Physics. 1-Loop Level
D. Nesterov, A. Barvinsky
pp. 277-285, [abs, pdf]
Localization of Fermions on the Brane
M. Gogberashvili
pp. 286-293, [abs, pdf]
Thermal Flow in the Gravitational O(n) Model
I.K. Kostov
pp. 297-310, [abs, pdf]
Contractions of Sigma Models and Integration of Massive Modes
M.A. Lledó, O. Maciá
pp. 311-319, [abs, pdf]
Aspects of Spacetime-Symmetry Violations
R. Lehnert
pp. 320-328, [abs, pdf]
Fictitious Extra Dimensions
A.E. Faraggi
pp. 329-336, [abs, pdf]
Possible Nonlinear Completion of Massive Gravity
S. Hamamoto
pp. 337-344, [abs, pdf]
GH2 Sigma Model
S. Mizoguchi, K. Mohri, Y. Yamada
pp. 345-352, [abs, pdf]
Logarithmic Correlation Functions and Moduli Integrals in 2D Minimal Gravity
Y. Ishimoto
pp. 353-359, [abs, pdf]
Exact Solutions in w<−1 SFT Inspired Cosmological Models
I.Ya. Aref'eva, A.S. Koshelev, S.Yu. Vernov
pp. 360-367, [abs, pdf]
An su(1|1)-Invariant S-Matrix with Dynamic Representations
N. Beisert
pp. 371-381, [abs, pdf]
Poisson-Lie Symmetry and q-WZW Model
C. Klimík
pp. 382-393, [abs, pdf]
Can We Implement the Holographic Principle in Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes?
C. Dappiaggi
pp. 394-405, [abs, pdf]
Ellipticity of Thermal Correlation Functions in a Globally Conformal Invariant Quantum Field Theory
N.M. Nikolov
pp. 406-415, [abs, pdf]
Extension of Monster Moonshine to c = 24k Conformal Field Theories
M.M. Jankiewicz, T.W. Kephart
pp. 416-420, [abs, pdf]
μ - Holomorphic Conditions and Conformal
M. Kachkachi
pp. 421-426, [abs, pdf]
On the Observable Algebra and Its Representations for Lattice QCD
G. Rudolph
pp. 429-440, [abs, pdf]
On the Structure of the Reduced Configuration Space of Classical Lattice Chromodynamics
M. Schmidt
pp. 441-448, [abs, pdf]
A Lattice Formulation of Super Yang-Mills Theories with Exact Supersymmetry
F. Sugino
pp. 449-457, [abs, pdf]
An invariant Approach to Dynamical Fuzzy Spaces with a Three-Index Variable
N. Sasakura
pp. 457-469, [abs, pdf]
Space-Time Symmetry of Noncommutative Field Theory
P. Maślanka, C. Gonera, P. Kosiński, S. Giller
pp. 470-477, [abs, pdf]
Supersymmetric σ-Models on Non(anti)-Commutative Superspace
B. Chandrasekhar
pp. 478-481, [abs, pdf]
Lectures on Twistors
I. Bars
pp. 487-505, [abs, pdf]
On an Exact Cosmological Solution of Higher Spin Gauge Theory
E. Sezgin, P. Sundell
pp. 506-519, [abs, pdf]
A Non-Semisimple Symmetry for Flavor Physics
I.S. Sogami
pp. 520-530, [abs, pdf]
Dijkgraaf-Vafa Theory as Large-N Reduction
H. Kawai, T. Kuroki, T. Morita, K. Yoshida
pp. 531-539, [abs, pdf]
Canonical Approach to Lagrange Multipliers
M. Stoilov
pp. 540-546, [abs, pdf]
BRST Extension of the Non-Linear Unfolded Formalism
G. Barnich, M. Grigoriev
pp. 547-556, [abs, pdf]
Model of Gauge Field Theory for Poincaré–Weyl Group
O.V. Babourova
pp. 557-564, [abs, pdf]
A Note on the Julia-Zee Dyon Solution
R. Teh
pp. 565-572, [abs, pdf]
Non-Preons for the Standard Model
K. Just, W. Stoeger
pp. 573-576, [abs, pdf]
The Energy-Momentum Tensor for a Spin-0 Particle with Polarizabilities in the Electromagnetic Field
S.A. Lukashevich, N.V. Maksimenko
pp. 577-581, [abs, pdf]
Spin Calogero Models and Dynamical r - Matrices
L. Fehér, B.G. Pusztai
pp. 585-595, [abs, pdf]
Matrix Solvable Calogero Models of G2 Type
Č. Burdík, O. Navrátil, S. Pošta
pp. 596-599, [abs, pdf]
Geometric Solutions of Upper Triangular Toda Hierarchies
G.F. Helminck, M.G. Mishina, S.V. Polenkova
pp. 600-611, [abs, pdf]
Finite Size Effects in Integrable Boundary Theories
Z. Bajnok, L. Palla, G. Takács
pp. 612-621, [abs, pdf]
Hamiltonians with Position-Dependent Mass, Deformations and Supersymmetry
C. Quesne, B. Bagchi, A. Banerjee, V.M. Tkachuk
pp. 622-632, [abs, pdf]
Knot Soliton Models, Submodels, and Their Symmetries
C. Adam, J. Sánchez-Guil
pp. 633-640, [abs, pdf]
Conformal Field Theory Description of Mesoscopic Phenomena in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
L. Georgiev
pp. 641-649, [abs, pdf]
The Motion of n Harmonic Oscillators and the Heisenberg Lie Algebra
G. Ovando
pp. 650-659, [abs, pdf]
SIP-Potentials and Self-Similar Potentials of Shabat and Spiridonov: Space Asymmetric Deformation
S.P. Maydanyuk, L.M. Saryan
pp. 660-667, [abs, pdf]
Mixed Two-Qubit System and Invariant Theory
R.C. King, T.A. Welsh
pp. 671-682, [abs, pdf]
Chosen Ciphertext Attacks on Lattice-Based Public Key Encryption and Modern Cryptography in a Quantum Environment
O. Izmerly, T. Mor
pp. 683-697, [abs, pdf]
Remarks on the Quantum Potential
R. Carroll
pp. 698-708, [abs, pdf]
Attosecond Quantum Entanglement of Protons and Electrons in Condensed Matter – Neutron and Electron Compton Scattering
C.A. Chatzidimitriou-Dreismann
pp. 709-720, [abs, pdf]
Towards Quantum Mechanics from a Theory of Experiments
I.S. Helland
pp. 721-732, [abs, pdf]
What Is Semiquantum Mechanics?
A.J. Bracken
pp. 735-745, [abs, pdf]
On Distinguishability of Different Preparations of Mixed States
J. Tolar
pp. 746-750, [abs, pdf]
Quantum Mechanics on a Noncommutative Geometry
T.P. Singh
pp. 751-762, [abs, pdf]
Inference of Schrödinger Equation from Classical-Mechanics Solution
J.X. Zheng-Johansson, P.-I. Johansson
pp. 763-770, [abs, pdf]
Depolarization Radiation Force in a Dielectric Medium. Its Analogy with Gravity
J.X. Zheng-Johansson, P.-I. Johansson, R. Lundin
pp. 771-777, [abs, pdf]
Some Remarks on the Relation Between the Wigner Function and an Exact Dynamical Invariant
D. Schuch
pp. 781-791, [abs, pdf]
Lie Symmetries and Constrained Dynamical Systems
R. Cimpoiasu, R. Constantinescu
pp. 792-799, [abs, pdf]
Regular and Chaotic Dynamics in Non-Autonomous Hamiltonian Systems
D. Constantinescu
pp. 800-808, [abs, pdf]
Properties of a Special Function Pertaining to Approximately Scale-Invariant Random Fields
O.I. Yordanov
pp. 809-814, [abs, pdf]
Study of Dissipative System of Charged Particles by Wigner Functions
S. Khademi, S. Nasiri, S. Fathi, F. Taati
pp. 815-820, [abs, pdf]
A Generalized Rule For Non-Commuting Operators in Extended Phase Space
S. Nasiri, S. Khademi, S. Bahrami, F. Taati
pp. 820-826, [abs, pdf]
Structural Description of Viral Particles Based on Affine Extensions of Non-Crystallographic Coxeter Groups
R. Twarock
pp. 829-838, [abs, pdf]
Stability of Clusters in Icosahedral Quasicrystals
Z. Papadopolos, G. Kasner
pp. 839-850, [abs, pdf]
Thermodynamical Formulation for Quasi-Local Graded C* Systems and Fermion Grading Symmetry
H. Moriya
pp. 851-857, [abs, pdf]
The Generalized Josephson Effect and Pseudo-Goldstone Bosons
P. Esposito, L.-P. Guay, R.B. MacKenzie, M.B. Paranjape, L.C.R. Wijewardhana
pp. 858-865, [abs, pdf]
Fermionic and Bosonic Degrees of Freedom in Photo-Induced Phase Transitions
A. Radosz, K. Ostasiewicz, F.V. Kusmartsev, J.H. Samson, J. Damczyk, A.C. Mituś, G. Pawlik, A.T. Augousti
pp. 866-875, [abs, pdf]
Classification of E. Coli Genes Based on Gene Regulation
M. Angelova
pp. 876-883, [abs, pdf]
Algebraic Solution of the Supersymmetric Hydrogen Atom
A. Wipf, A. Kirchberg, D. Länge
pp. 887-897, [abs, pdf]
Critical Point Symmetries in Nuclei
D. Bonatsos, D. Lenis, D. Petrellis, P. A. Terziev, I. Yigitoglu
pp. 898-909, [abs, pdf]
Symmetries and Symmetry-Breakings
J. Cseh
pp. 910-917, [abs, pdf]
Quasidynamical Symmetry and Nuclear Clusterization
J. Darai, J. Cseh, A. Algora, P.O. Hess
pp. 918-925, [abs, pdf]
Analytical Modeling of Significant Many-Body Nuclear Interactions in the Framework of a Traditional 'Two-Body' q-Deformed Approach
A.I. Georgieva, K.D. Sviratcheva, C. Bahri, J.P. Draayer
pp. 925-932, [abs, pdf]
Quantum SU(3) Skyrme Model for Arbitrary Representation
D. Jurčiukonis, E. Norvaišas
pp. 933-937, [abs, pdf]
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