Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 33 no. s2 (2006)

Generalized Vertex Algebras
B. Bakalov, V.G. Kac
pp. 3-25, [abs, pdf]
Local Current Algebras: Early Ideas and New Quantum-Theoretical Directions
G.A. Goldin
pp. 26-41, [abs, pdf]
Calculation of Bethe Vectors in the slN+1 Gaudin Model
I. Scherbak
pp. 42-53, [abs, pdf]
Questions on Fusion Rules
A. Ganchev
pp. 54-57, [abs, pdf]
Braid Group Action and Symmetric Bases of Root Systems
A. Stefanov
pp. 58-67, [abs, pdf]
Quasi Crystals and Non-Crystallographic Coxeter Groups
M. Koca
pp. 68-75, [abs, pdf]
What Can One Reconstruct from the Representation Ring of a Compact Group?
Z. Zimborás
pp. 76-82, [abs, pdf]
Towards a Cartan Classification of Quantum Algebras
M.A. del Olmo, A. Ballesteros, E. Celeghini
pp. 85-96, [abs, pdf]
Noncommutative Superspaces Covariant under OSpq(1|2) Algebra
N. Aizawa, R. Chakrabarti
pp. 97-108, [abs, pdf]
q -Quaternions and Deformed su(2) Instantons on the Quantum Euclidean Space R4q
G. Fiore
pp. 109-120, [abs, pdf]
Uq(so(1,2)) Representations at Roots of Unity and Their Realizations on the Finite Circle
P. Moylan
pp. 121-132, [abs, pdf]
Automorphisms of Regular Algebras
T. Popov
pp. 133-140, [abs, pdf]
Noncommutative Analogs of Space-Time
N.A. Gromov, V.V. Kuratov
pp. 141-149, [abs, pdf]
On Some Quantum Bounded Symmetric Domains
O. Bershtein
pp. 151-156, [abs, pdf]
p-Adic and Adelic Superanalysis
B. Dragovich, A. Khrennikov
pp. 159-173, [abs, pdf]
Orthogonal Polynomials, Associated Special Functions and Coherent States
N. Cotfas
pp. 174-185, [abs, pdf]
Strange Phenomena on Star-Exponential Functions
H. Omori
pp. 186-197, [abs, pdf]
Rogers’s fermionic Brownian Motion as an Infinite Dimensional Distribution
R. Léandre, H. Ouerdiane
pp. 198-204, [abs, pdf]
Path Integrals and Euler Summation Formula
A. Balaž, A. Bogojević, A. Belić
pp. 205-210, [abs, pdf]
Normalized Classes of Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
R. Popovych
pp. 211-222, [abs, pdf]
Lie Symmetries of Semi-Linear Schrödinger and Diffusion
S. Stoimenov, M. Henkel
pp. 223-226, [abs, pdf]
Reduction Operators of Nonlinear Filtration Equation
pp. 227-230, [abs, pdf]
SO(3,2) Invariant Differential Operators and Equations
pp. 231-248, [abs, pdf]
Composite Supersymmetric S-functions and Characters of gl(m|n) Representations
E.M.Moens, J.VanderJeugt
pp. 251-268, [abs, pdf]
Unitary Representations of Super Groupsand MackeyTheory
C. Carmeli, G. Cassinelli, A. Toigo
pp. 269-279, [abs, pdf]
A Construction of Lie Superalgebras B(m,n) and D(m,n) from Triple Systems
N. Kamiya
pp. 280-291, [abs, pdf]
Lie Superalgebraic Framework for Generalization of Quantum Statistics
N.I. Stoilova, J. Van der Jeugt
pp. 292-300, [abs, pdf]
Galilean Superalgebra and Physical Model Invariant under Galilean Superalgebra
A. Galkin, I. Bratchun
pp. 301-306, [abs, pdf]
Cartan Equation as the Condition of the Existence of an Infinite Group
S.E. Samokhvalov, K.O. Reznyk
pp. 309-314, [abs, pdf]
Summary of the Graded Contractions of the Pauli Graded sl(2, C) and sl(3, C)
J. Hrivnák, P. Novotný
pp. 315-320, [abs, pdf]
On Associated Algebras to a Lie Algebra and Their Role in Its Identification
P. Novotný, J. Hrivnák
pp. 321-326, [abs, pdf]
Normalizer of the MAD-Group Generated by Tensor Product of Generalized Pauli Matrices
M. Svobodová
pp. 327-332, [abs, pdf]
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