Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 33 no. s3 (2006)

Current Development of Fusion Research
R. Wilhelm
pp. 003-16, [abs, pdf]
Turbulent Fields
R. Friedrich
pp. 017-33, [abs, pdf]
Experimental Modelling of Physical Laws
I. Grabec
pp. 034-51, [abs, pdf]
Coherent Manipulation of Atomic Excitation
B.W. Shore
pp. 052-70, [abs, pdf]
On Hot Bangs and the Arrow of Time: Local Equilibrium States in Relativistic QFT
D. Buchholz
pp. 071-79, [abs, pdf]
The Role of Conformal Field Theory in Mathematical Physics
I.T. Todorov
pp. 080-90, [abs, pdf]
Geometric Flows and (Some of) Their Physical Applications
I. Bakas
pp. 091-108, [abs, pdf]
Modelling of Material Removal and Plasma Plume Formation Induced by High-Intensity Laser Beam Pulses
R. Rozman, E. Govekar, I. Grabec
pp. 111-116, [abs, pdf]
Hybrid Simulator for Compressible Fluid Flow
N. Saryal
pp. 117-122, [abs, pdf]
Application of Physics Methods to Social Phenomena
N.K. Vitanov, Z.I. Dimitrova, I.P. Jordanov
pp. 123-128, [abs, pdf]
High-Order Harmonic Generation from High-Tc Superconducting Films
S.S. Tinchev
pp. 129-134, [abs, pdf]
Interfacial Spin Configuration in Exchange Coupled Magnetic Phases: Exchange-Spring and Exchange-Bias Systems
V. Kuncser, F. Stromberg, G. Schinteie, A. Birsan, W. Keune
pp. 135-142, [abs, pdf]
Vibronics of Mixed Frenkel and Charge-Transfer Excitons
I.J. Lalov, I. Zhelyazkov
pp. 143-150, [abs, pdf]
Level Crossing in Coherent Atomic Excitation: New Concepts
A.A. Rangelov, N.V. Vitanov, L.P. Yatsenko, B.W. Shore, T. Halfmann, K. Bergmann
pp. 151-171, [abs, pdf]
Coherent Excitation of a Two-State System by a Gaussian Field
G.S. Vasilev, N.V. Vitanov
pp. 172-185, [abs, pdf]
Femtosecond Optical Vortices
A. Dreischuh, K. Bezuhanov, G.G. Paulus, M. Schätzel, H. Walther, D.N. Neshev, W. Królikowsk, Yu.S. Kivshar
pp. 186-193, [abs, pdf]
Investigation of Quasar Structure with Microlensing
L.Č. Popovic
pp. 194-199, [abs, pdf]
Nanoscale Phase Transformations in Relaxor-Ferroelectric PbSc0.5(Nb,Ta)0.5O3. A Raman Spectroscopic Study
B. Mihailova
pp. 200-208, [abs, pdf]
Variational Model of Bright Beam Evolution in Weakly Non-Local Media
K. Bezuhanov, G. Maleshkov, A. Dreischuh
pp. 211-216, [abs, pdf]
Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy of GaAs Quantum Wells Embedded in AlAs/GaAs Superlattices
Ts. Ivanov, K. Kirilov, V. Donchev, K. Germanova
pp. 217-222, [abs, pdf]
An Alternative Approach for Determining the Semiconductor Type Based on SPV Phase Spectral Measurements
K. Kirilov, Ts. Ivanov, V. Donchev, K. Germanova
pp. 223-228, [abs, pdf]
Radial Structure of Coaxial Discharges Sustained by Travelling Azimuthally Symmetric Waves
Z. Neichev, E. Benova, A. Gamero, A. Sola
pp. 229-234, [abs, pdf]
Solar Jets as a Trigger Mechanism for the Generation of Electrostatic Instability in the Solar Corona
R. Miteva, G. Mann
pp. 235-241, [abs, pdf]
Axial Distribution of the Charged and Excited Particles in Atmospheric-Pressure Argon Capillary Plasma Column
M. Pencheva, Ts. Petrova, E. Benova, I. Zhelyazkov
pp. 242-247, [abs, pdf]
Generation of Optical Vortices with Phase Archimedean Spiral Gratings
Lj. Janicijevic, S. Topuzoski
pp. 248-258, [abs, pdf]
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