Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 34 no. 2 (2007)

Structural Description of Viral Particles Based on Affine Extensions of Non-Crystallographic Coxeter Groups
R. Twarock
pp. 081-091, [abs, pdf]
Canonical Entropy of Higher-Dimensional Reissner-Nordström Black Hole
L.-C. Zhang, H.-F. Li, R. Zhao
pp. 092-102, [abs, pdf]
Hydrogen Bonds in Water-Methanol Mixture
G.M. Georgiev, K. Vasilev, K. Gyamchev
pp. 103-107, [abs, pdf]
Crystal Growth and Characterization of Carbonates of Ca, Ba, and Sr in Gel
N. Ajeetha
pp. 108-115, [abs, pdf]
Lyman-alpha Detector Designed for Rocket Measurements of the Direct Solar Radiation at 121.5 nm
V. Guineva, G. Witt, J. Gumbel, M. Khaplanov, R. Werner, J. Hedin, S. Neichev, B. Kirov, L. Bankov, P. Gramatikov, V. Tashev, M. Popov, K. Hauglund, G. Hansen, J. Ilstad, H. Wold
pp. 116-127, [abs, pdf]
Interplanetary Conditions for CIR-Induced and MC-Induced Geomagnetic Storms
Yu.I. Yermolaev, M.Yu. Yermolaev, N.S. Nikolaeva, I.G. Lodkina
pp. 128-135, [abs, pdf]
ULF Wave Index and Its Possible Applications in Space Physics
N. Romanova, V. Pilipenko, N. Crosby, O. Khabarova
pp. 136-148, [abs, pdf]
On the Energy Dependence of the Relative Contributions Ionospheric and Solar Sources of the Ring Current Protons
A.S. Kovtyukh
pp. 149-156, [abs, pdf]
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