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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 34 no. s1 (2007)

Ferromagnetic Filled Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical Applications
A. Leonhardt
pp. 003-011, [abs, pdf]
Iron-Filled Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Antitumor Therapy: Delivery into Urologic Cancer Cells and Effects in vitro and in vivo
A. Meye, I. Mönch, S. Hampel, A. Leonhardt, B. Büchner, M.P. Wirth
pp. 012-013, [abs, pdf]
Phase Analysis of Fe-Nanowires Encapsulated into Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes via 57Fe Mössbauer Spectroscopy
T. Ruskov, I. Spirov, M. Ritschel, C. Müller, A. Leonhardt, R. Ruskov
pp. 014-029, [abs, pdf]
Ferromagnetic Nanomaterials Obtained by Thermal Decomposition of Ferrocene in a Closed Chamber
N. Koprinarov, M. Konstantinova, T. Ruskov, I. Spirov, M. Marinov, Ts. Tsacheva
pp. 030-045, [abs, pdf]
Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
P. Krustev, T. Ruskov
pp. 046-056, [abs, pdf]
Systematical Investigations of 137Cs Concentration in Soils in Bansko-Razlog Region
L. Kostov, R. Kobilarov, L. Kostova, Ml. Mladenov, Ch. Protochristov, Ch. Stoyanov
pp. 059-064, [abs, pdf]
Ecological, Radioecological and Radiation Problems in the Region of Tailings Pond in Eleshitca
M. Dimitrov, Ml. Mladenov, M. Voicheva, I. Mladenov, M. Viehweg, B. Tabakov
pp. 065-082, [abs, pdf]
Speciation of Actinides
G. Geipel
pp. 083-084, [abs, pdf]
Analytics for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities Based on Works at the Rossendorf Research Site
R. Knappik, M. Köhler, E. Franke
pp. 085-086, [abs, pdf]
Experimental Approaches to Spallation Reactions
A. Kelić
pp. 087-099, [abs, pdf]
Signatures for Multifragmentation in Spallation Reactions
K.-H. Schmidt
pp. 100-113, [abs, pdf]
Crossover from a Fission-Evaporation Scenario towards Multifragmentation in Spallation Reactions
P. Napolitani
pp. 114-126, [abs, pdf]
Transmutation Studies of Radioactive Nuclides
J. Adam, K. Katovsky, M. Majerle, A. Balabekyan, M.I. Krivopustov, A.A. Solnyshkin, V.I. Stegailov, S.G. Stetsenko, V.M. Tsoupko-Sitnikov, W. Westmeier
pp. 127-152, [abs, pdf]
Scattering with Polarized Neutrons
J. Schweizer
pp. 155-184, [abs, pdf]
Neutron Powder Diffraction Studies on Magnetoresistive Oxides
J.A. Alonso, J. Sánchez-Benítez, D. Sánchez, H. Falcón, M.J. Martínez-Lope, A. Muñoz
pp. 185-198, [abs, pdf]
Usefulness of the Group Theory in the Magnetic Structure Determination
A. Muñoz
pp. 199-217, [abs, pdf]
Neutron Powder Diffraction and Magnetic Structures
F. Bouree
pp. 218-218, [abs, pdf]
Oxygen Nonstoichiometry Study of LaSr3Fe3O10 in the Temperature Range 25−650oC
S. Neov, O. Prokhnenko, N. Velinov, V. Kozhukharov, D. Neov, L. Dabrowski
pp. 219-225, [abs, pdf]
Residual Stress Analysis by Neutron Diffraction: Current Possibilities and Outlook to the Future − Involvement of JRC-IE in the Context of the ERA
C. Ohms, D. Neov
pp. 226-240, [abs, pdf]
Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction: Application to Surface Structure Characterization
V. Antonov, I. Iordanova, K.A. Krezhov
pp. 241-249, [abs, pdf]
Hardening of Soft Phonon Modes in SrTiO3 Ferroelectric Thin Films
St. Kovachev, J.M. Wesselinowa
pp. 250-258, [abs, pdf]
Fission Measurements at CERN from Resonances to Spallation
L. Tassan-Got, L. Audouin, L. Berthier, I. Duran, L. Ferrant, S. Isaev, C. Le Naour, C. Paradela, C. Stéphan, D. Trubert
pp. 259-266, [abs, pdf]
On the Structural Peculiarities of a Family of Half Hole Doped Bismuth Manganites
K.A. Krezhov
pp. 267-300, [abs, pdf]
Statistical Description of Multifragmentation: from Nuclear Reactions to Supernova Explosions
A.S. Botvina, I.N. Mishustin
pp. 303-319, [abs, pdf]
Relativistic Hartree-Fock Approach for Nuclear Systems
N. Van Giai, W.H. Long, J. Meng
pp. 320-329, [abs, pdf]
Gamma-Ray Lidar (GRAYDAR) in-Depth Sensing of Optically Opaque Media
L.L. Gurdev, T.N. Dreischuh, D.V. Stoyanov, Ch.N. Protochristov
pp. 333-348, [abs, pdf]
National Strategies for Improving Control over Orphan Sources of Ionising Radiation
M. Nizamska
pp. 349-358, [abs, pdf]
Bulgarian INIS Centre
A. Georgieva
pp. 359-364, [abs, pdf]
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