Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 34 no. s2 (2007)

Bulgarian-Serbian Cooperation in Astronomy: the Last 10 years of Development
M.S. Dimitrijević, M.K. Tsvetkov
pp. 5- 12, [abs, pdf]
Regional European Space Research Projects: SURE, GMES, BALKANSAT
L. Filipov
pp. 15- 15, [abs, pdf]
Astrophysical Spectroscopy of Extragalactic Objects. Research at the Belgrade Astronomical Observatory
L. Popović, D. Ilić
pp. 16- 33, [abs, pdf]
MIGALE: A Virtual Instrument to Study Galaxies
Ph. Pruginel, V. Golev
pp. 34- 34, [abs, pdf]
Architecture and Security of SSADC Network
M. Tsvetkov, Sv. Christov, D.G. Kalaglarsky
pp. 35- 35, [abs, pdf]
Star Complexes in Nearby Galaxies
G.R. Ivanov
pp. 36- 48, [abs, pdf]
Influence of Collisional Processes on the Astrophysical Plasma Spectra - Research at the Belgrade Astronomical Observatory
M.S. Dimitrijević
pp. 49- 68, [abs, pdf]
Space Reliability of the New Superconducting and Carbon Based Materials
S.S. Tinchev
pp. 69- 69, [abs, pdf]
Large Scale Structures in the Universe. III. Cluster Analysis of Faint Galaxies in the Direction of HERCULES Void
G. Petrov, J. Fried, A. Kniazev
pp. 70- 81, [abs, pdf]
Radio Astronomy in Serbia: A Short Review
D. Urošević
pp. 82- 85, [abs, pdf]
First Results from Coronagraph Observations at the NAO-Rozhen
N. Petrov, P. Duchlev, J. Kokotanekova, B. Rompolt
pp. 86- 94, [abs, pdf]
The Project ASV
N. Pejović, Ž. Mijajlović
pp. 95-104, [abs, pdf]
The Climate of Bulgaria during 19th and 20th Centuries by Instrumental and Indirect Data: Solar Modulated Cyles and Its Evolution
B. Komitov, M. Dechev, P. Duchlev
pp. 105-113, [abs, pdf]
Microlensing in the X-Ray Band of Lensed QSOs
P. Jovanović, L. Popović
pp. 114-123, [abs, pdf]
Rotation of the Mass Donors in Symbiotic Stars
R. Zamanov, R. Konstantinova-Ant, M.F. Bode, C.H.F. Melo, A. Gomboc, R.S. Bachev
pp. 124-130, [abs, pdf]
Contribution of Belgrade Astronomical Observatory in Establishment of Modern Reference Frames
M. Dačić
pp. 131-138, [abs, pdf]
Structures in the Coma of Comet C/NEAT (2001 Q4): Observations and Models
G. Borisov, T. Bonev
pp. 139-147, [abs, pdf]
Red Supergiants and Extinction Law in the Large Magelanic Cloud Galaxy
P. Nedialkov, A. Valcheva, I. Stanev, P. Dimitrova
pp. 148-155, [abs, pdf]
WFPDB New Development and Analysis
M.K. Tsvetkov, K.Y. Stavrev, K.P. Tsvetkova, D.G. Kalaglarsky, A.P. Borisova
pp. 159-168, [abs, pdf]
Gamma Ray Burst: A Model
S. Simić, L. Popović
pp. 169-176, [abs, pdf]
Analysis of the Uccle Carte Du Ciel Catalogue (ROB033) Present in the WFPDB
K.P. Tsvetkova, M.K. Tsvetkov, D.G. Kalaglarsky, P. Lampens, D. Duval
pp. 177-186, [abs, pdf]
On the Stark Broadening of Visible Ar I Lines for Astrophysical Plasma Analysis and Modelling
M. Christova, M.S. Dimitrijević, S.Sahal-Bréchot, N. Andreev
pp. 187-191, [abs, pdf]
A Study of the Spectral Characteristics of AGN: Mrk 817 and Mrk 1040
D. Ilić, M.K. Tsvetkov, K.P. Tsvetkova, K.Y. Stavrev, L. Popović
pp. 192-195, [abs, pdf]
RAPS - Radio Astronomy Projects in Sofia
L. Ilchev, I. Parov, B. Deshev, Ts. Georgiev, P. Nedialkov
pp. 196-200, [abs, pdf]
Surface Brightness Profiles Decomposition of Seyfert Galaxies
L. Slavcheva-Mihova, B. Mihov, G.T. Petrov, V. Kopchev
pp. 201-209, [abs, pdf]
On Galactocentric Orbits of Globular Clusters
S. Ninković, N. Pejović
pp. 210-213, [abs, pdf]
Photometric Study of Three Variable Stars: YY Men, YZ Men and UX Men from the Bamberg Observatory Southern Sky Survey
A.P. Borisova, M.K. Tsvetkov, K.P. Tsvetkova, J.L. Innis
pp. 214-222, [abs, pdf]
Possible Disk Emission in the BLR of AGN
E. Bon, D. Ilić, L. Popović
pp. 223-223, [abs, pdf]
Preliminary Results for Corona Polarization during Total Solar Eclipse on March 29, 2006, Observed in Side, Turkey
J. Kokotanekova, N. Petrov, P. Duchlev
pp. 224-231, [abs, pdf]
Flickering in KR Aurigae - CCD Observations
S. Boeva, A. Antov, R.S. Bachev
pp. 232-235, [abs, pdf]
UBVRI Photometry of the Possible Binary Open Star Cluster NGC 6755/NGC 6756
V. Kopchev, G.T. Petrov, L. Slavcheva-Mihova
pp. 236-239, [abs, pdf]
Construction of the Historical Light Curve of V 1184 Tauri Using the Astronomical Plate Archives
E.H. Semkov, M.K. Tsvetkov, K.Y. Stavrev, A.P. Borisova, P. Kroll
pp. 240-247, [abs, pdf]
CCD Imaging Photometry of Comet 9P/Tempel 1
A. Kostov, T. Bonev
pp. 248-252, [abs, pdf]
An Interesting Case of Eruptive Prominence on 8 June 1980
M. Dechev, P. Duchlev, K. Koleva, J. Kokotanekova
pp. 248-254, [abs, pdf]
Probing the M 31 Opacity through Galaxies behind Its Disk
A. Valcheva, P. Nedialkov, V.D. Ivanov, L. Vanzi
pp. 255-261, [abs, pdf]
High Speed Camera for Fast Moving Objects
P.M. Gugutkov, H.D. Lukarski
pp. 262-266, [abs, pdf]
On the Belgrade Astrophotographic Plate Archive: Current Status
V. Protić-Benišek, A. Mihajlov, T. Jakšić, Vl. Benišek, J. Blagojević
pp. 267-267, [abs, pdf]
Classification of Supernovae and Their Rates
B. Arbutina
pp. 271-274, [abs, pdf]
Tracing Quasar Accretion Rates at Higher Redshifts
R.S. Bachev
pp. 275-277, [abs, pdf]
Construction of the Historical Light Curve of V 1184 Tauri Using the Astronomical Plate Archives
R.G. Bogdanovski
pp. 278-281, [abs, pdf]
Photometry of the split comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 from November 2005 to April 2006
T. Bonev, B. Bilkina, G. Borisov, Z. Donchev, Al. Ivanova, V. Ivanova, Kl. Jockers, A. Kostov, Vl. Krumov, E. Ovcharov
pp. 282-286, [abs, pdf]
A Possibility of Using Doppler Tomography to Indicate the Presence of Fluctuations and Structure Formations in Accretion Binary Systems
D. Boneva
pp. 287-293, [abs, pdf]
On the Movement of the Asteroid 108 Hecuba
B. Borisov, V. Shkodrov
pp. 294-302, [abs, pdf]
Photometric Decomposition of 3 Early-Type Dwarf Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster
N. Draganova, Ts. Georgiev, T. Veltchev
pp. 303-309, [abs, pdf]
Evolution and Dynamics of an Eruptive Prominence on September 20, 1980
P. Duchlev, K. Koleva, M. Dechev, J. Kokotanekova
pp. 310-314, [abs, pdf]
The Shape of the Mrk533 [OIII] Lines: Indication of an Outflow in NLR
N. Gavrilović, A. A. Smirnova, L. Popović, A.V. Moiseev, V.L. Afanasiev, P. Jovanović, M. Dačić
pp. 315-319, [abs, pdf]
Observations of Mars during the Great Opposition in 2003
J. Grnja, Vl. Benišek
pp. 320-320, [abs, pdf]
Spot Object Motion Detection Algorithm
P.M. Gugutkov, H.D. Lukarski
pp. 321-325, [abs, pdf]
Evinces of Interaction of Flow in Disk with Magnetic Field
Kr.D. Iankova
pp. 326-329, [abs, pdf]
The Role of Particle Creation Processes in the Scalar Condensate Baryogenesis Model
D. Kirilova, M. Panayotova
pp. 330-335, [abs, pdf]
Possible II Type EP by Its Kinematic Characteristics
K. Koleva, M. Dechev, P. Duchlev
pp. 336-341, [abs, pdf]
Study of Stellar Populations in M 33 OB Associations
N. Koleva, T. Veltchev, L. Vassileva, G. Borisov, P. Nedialkov
pp. 342-347, [abs, pdf]
CCD Imaging Photometry of Comet 9P/Tempel 1
A. Kostov, T. Bonev
pp. 348-352, [abs, pdf]
Investigation of Kinematics of the NLR from the SDSS AGN Sample
J. Kovačević, D. Ilić, N. Gavrilović, L. Popović
pp. 353-355, [abs, pdf]
High-Precision Measuring Scale Rulers for Flatbed Scanners
E.V. Poliakow, V.V. Poliakov, L.A. Fedotova, M.K. Tsvetkov
pp. 356-368, [abs, pdf]
Are There Faint Fuzzy Clusters Counterparts in the Magellanic Clouds?
P. Pessev
pp. 369-369, [abs, pdf]
Orbital and Physical Characteristics of Extrasolar Planets Systems
G. Petkova, V. Shkodrov
pp. 370-384, [abs, pdf]
Studies of Selected Voids. Faint Galaxies in the Direction of the Void 0049 +05
G.T. Petrov, L. Slavcheva-Mihova, V. Kopchev
pp. 385-390, [abs, pdf]
Generating Microlensing Magnification Maps
T. Petrović, P. Jovanović, L. Popović
pp. 391-395, [abs, pdf]
On Some Ambiguities in Defining the Nature of Observed Double Systems on the Basis of Their Radial Velocity
G. Triffonova, D. Petkova, V. Shkodrov
pp. 396-399, [abs, pdf]
Golosiiv DWA Plate Catalogues Presented in the WFPDB
K.P. Tsvetkova, M.K. Tsvetkov, D.G. Kalaglarsky, V. Golovnya, O. Yizhakevych, T. Sergeeva, L. Kizyun
pp. 400-408, [abs, pdf]
Stark Broadening Mechanism in Hot Stellar Atmospheres
Z. Simić, M.S. Dimitrijević
pp. 409-414, [abs, pdf]
Clustering of Young Stellar Groups in M 33 Galaxy
L. Vassileva, T. Veltchev, G.R. Ivanov, Ts. Georgiev, P. Nedialkov
pp. 415-419, [abs, pdf]
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