Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 35 no. 4 (2008)

Spin Networks and Quantum Computation
L.H. Kauffman, S.J. Lomonaco Jr.
pp. 241-256, [abs, pdf]
Aspects of Purely Transmitting Defects in Integrable Field Theories
E. Corrigan
pp. 257-273, [abs, pdf]
Semiclassical Strings in Lunin-Maldacena Background
N.P. Bobev, H. Dimov, R.C. Rashkov
pp. 274-285, [abs, pdf]
The C-Operator for a 2 x 2 Matrix Hamiltonian
S. Meyur, S. Debnath
pp. 286-289, [abs, pdf]
Schrödinger Equation with Modified Hulthén plus Scarf Potential
S. Meyur, S. Debnath
pp. 290-302, [abs, pdf]
The Growth and Spectral Studies of Nickel Malonate Crystals
V. Mathew, J. Joseph, S. Jacob, K.E. Abraham
pp. 303-311, [abs, pdf]
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