Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 37 no. 2 (2010)

Exact Solutions of Teukolsky Master Equation with Continuous Spectrum
R.S. Borissov, P.P. Fiziev
pp. 065-089, [abs, pdf]
Higher Dimensional Bianchi Type-VIo Universe in Creation-Field Cosmology
K.S. Adhav, S.D. Katore, A.S. Bansod, P.S. Gadodia
pp. 090-099, [abs, pdf]
Geometrical Interpretation of Generalized Peres Space-Time
V.R. Patil, G.U. Khapekar, D.D. Pawar, A.G. Deshmukh
pp. 100-104, [abs, pdf]
The Gaussian Absorption Damping Effects on ATIR
H. Stoyanov
pp. 105-114, [abs, pdf]
Higher Order Elastic Constants of Thorium Monochalcogenides
K.M. Raju
pp. 115-122, [abs, pdf]
Survival Curves Models of Neutron Irradiation Data and Evidence for Hypersensitivity Phenomena
F.A. Azooz, H. Al-Taii
pp. 123-131, [abs, pdf]
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