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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 40 no. 4 (2013)

Exotic Nuclei in the Crust of Magnetars
N. Chamel, R.L. Pavlov, L.M. Mihailov, Ch.J. Velchev, Zh.K. Stoyanov, Y.D. Mutafchieva, M.D. Ivanovich
pp. 275-280, [abs, pdf]
Numerical Modeling and Calculation of the Fuel Cycle for the IRT-Sofia
D. Dimitrov, S. Belousov, K. Krezhov, M. Mitev
pp. 281-288, [abs, pdf]
Xe Bubbles Formation in Materials for use in Nuclear Reactors Studied by Slow Positrons
N. Djourelov, H. Marinov
pp. 289-293, [abs, pdf]
Photosensitive Soft Matter: Mixtures of Nematic Liquid Crystal with Azo Molecules
A.G. Petrov, I.G. Marinov, G.B. Hadjichristov, S. Sridevi, U.S. Hiremath, C.V. Yelamaggad, S.K. Prasad
pp. 294-300, [abs, pdf]
Single-Layered Microscale PDLC Films for Electro-Optical Modulation of Laser Radiation
G.B. Hadjichristov, I.G. Marinov, A.G. Petrov, S. Marino, C. Versace, N. Scaramuzza
pp. 301-306, [abs, pdf]
p- or n-Doping Effects on the Phonon Spectrum of Single- and Bi-Layer Graphene
A.T. Apostolov, I.N. Apostolova, J.M. Wesselinowa
pp. 307-324, [abs, pdf]
Environmetric Data Interpretation to Assess Surface Water Quality
P. Simeonova, P. Papazova, V. Lovchinov
pp. 325-330, [abs, pdf]
Theory of Ferromagnetic Superconductors with Spin-Triplet Electron Pairing
D.I. Uzunov
pp. 331-336, [abs, pdf]
Magnetic and Transport Parameters of LSMO and YBCO/LSMO Films Deposited on Sapphire Substrates
B.S. Blagoev, T.K. Nurgaliev, V. Štrbik, E.S. Mateev, A.J. Zaleski
pp. 337-347, [abs, pdf]
Surface Effects in Superparamagnetic Magnetite Particles
I. Nedkov, L. Slavov, B. Blagoev, K. Krezhov
pp. 348-360, [abs, pdf]
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Thin ZnO Layers on Glass Substrates
S. Kitova, I. Kalaglarski, R. Stoimenov, R. Kazakov
pp. 361-366, [abs, pdf]
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