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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 41 no. 1 (2014)

Entanglement Entropy for a Particle Coupled with Its Surrounding
C. Puttarprom, S. Yoo-Kong, M. Tanasittikosol, W. Liewrian
pp. 001-009, [abs, pdf]
New Low-Lying Excited 0+ States in 160Dy Nucleus
J. Adam, D.D. Bogachenko, O.K. Egorov, V.P. Garistov, A.I. Georgieva, T.A. Islamov, V.V. Kolesnikov, V.I. Silaev, A.A. Solnyshkin
pp. 010-023, [abs, pdf]
Operation Characteristics of a Closed-Field Unbalanced Dual-Magnetrons Plasma Sputtering System
O.A. Hamadi, M.K. Khalaf, F.J. Kadhim, B.T. Chiad
pp. 024-033, [abs, pdf]
Anisotropic Dark Energy Cosmological Models from Early Deceleration to Late Time Acceleration in Lyra Geometry
S.D. Katore, A.Y. Shaikh, S.A. Bhaskar
pp. 034-059, [abs, pdf]
Magnetized Dark Energy Cosmological Models with Time Dependent Cosmological Term in Lyra Geometry
D.D. Pawar, Y.S. Solanke, S.P. Shahare
pp. 060-069, [abs, pdf]
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