Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 41 no. 3 (2014)

Bianchi Type-III Cosmological Model with Linear Equation of State
K.S. Adhav, I.D. Pawade, A.S. Bansod
pp. 187-193, [abs, pdf]
Graphical Method for Computing an Infinite Family of Feynman Periods
I.I. Boradjiev
pp. 194-208, [abs, pdf]
The Effect of Presence of Impurity on Plasma Parameters in Fusion Reactor ITER-90HP
S.M. Motevalli, N. Dashtban, F. Fadaei, F. Asadi
pp. 209-216, [abs, pdf]
Biomineralisation on the Composites of Silicon-Based Polymer and Nanodiamond Particles by a Species of Serratia Bacteria
R. Sammon, T. Hikov, E. Radeva, R. Presker, D. Mitev, L. Pramatarova
pp. 217-224, [abs, pdf]
A Comparative Study on the Effects of Leonid Meteor Shower on the Propagation of Sferics and Transmitted Signal
A. Saha, A. Guha, B.K. De
pp. 225-238, [abs, pdf]
Characteristic Studies on Solar X-Ray Flares and Solar Radio Bursts during Descending Phases of Solar Cycles 22 and 23
J. Bhattacharya, B.K. De, A. Guha
pp. 239-250, [abs, pdf]
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