Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 41 no. 4 (2014)

Hamiltonian Analysis of the Proposal by Chen et al., PRL 100 (2008) 232002
M.N. Stoilov
pp. 251-257, [abs, pdf]
Barotropic Bulk Viscous FRW Cosmological Model in Teleparallel Gravity
V.R. Chirde, S.H. Shekh
pp. 258-273, [abs, pdf]
Magnetized Cosmological Models in Saez Ballester Theory of Gravitation
S.D. Katore, A.Y. Shaikh
pp. 274-290, [abs, pdf]
The Mobile Particles Collision Frequency
N.S. Peev
pp. 291-304, [abs, pdf]
High Temperature Superconductivity: Materials, Mechanism and Applications
M.A. Malik, B.A. Malik
pp. 305-314, [abs, pdf]
Growth and Characterization of Gel Grown Cobalt Iodate Crystals
K.D. Girase, P.Z. Zambare, K.S. Chaudhari, D.K. Sawant
pp. 315-320, [abs, pdf]
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