Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 42 no. 2 (2015)

On the Centenary of the Birth of Academician Christo Ya. Christov (1915-1990)
N.S. Tonchev
pp. 089-092, [abs, pdf]
Multiplication of Generalized Functions: Introduction
Ch. Ya. Christov
pp. 093-098, [abs, pdf]
Ordered Fields, the Purge of Infinitesimals from Mathematics and the Rigorousness of Infinitesimal Calculus
J.F. Hall, T.D. Todorov
pp. 099-127, [abs, pdf]
Quantum Entanglement
L. Hadjiivanov, I. Todorov
pp. 128-142, [abs, pdf]
Symmetry Energy and Structure of Exotic Nuclei
M.K. Gaidarov, A.N. Antonov, P. Sarriguren, E. Moya de Guerra
pp. 143-148, [abs, pdf]
Quasipartices, Phonons and Beyond. Nuclear Structure Calculations in a Large Domain of Excitation Energies
Ch. Stoyanov
pp. 149-162, [abs, pdf]
Radiation Monitoring at the New GIF++ Irradiation Facility at CERN
L. Dimitrov, P. Iaydjiev, G. Mitev, I. Vankov
pp. 163-171, [abs, pdf]
Excitonic and Vibronic Spectra of Two-Dimensional Symmetric Donor–Acceptor Lattices
I.J. Lalov, I. Zhelyazkov
pp. 172-199, [abs, pdf]
Neutron Diffraction Assisted Investigations of Magnetoelectric Materials at INRNE – BAS
K. Krezhov
pp. 200-233, [abs, pdf]
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