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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 42 no. 4 (2015)

Preface by the Guest Editor
N. Minkov
pp. 315-317, [abs, pdf]
Density Functional Theory and Nuclear Shape Transitions
P. Ring
pp. 319-327, [abs, pdf]
Description of Shape Transitions in Superheavy Nuclei within Covariant Density Functional Theory
G.A. Lalazissis, V. Prassa, T. Nikšić, D. Vretenar
pp. 328-336, [abs, pdf]
Recent Development of Large-Scale Shell-Model and Projected Shell Model
H.-K. Wang, Y. Sun, F.-Q. Chen, Y.-Q. He, S.-F. Li
pp. 337-343, [abs, pdf]
Microscopic and Algebraic Theory for Complex Nuclear Shapes and Dynamics
K. Nomura
pp. 344-353, [abs, pdf]
Shapes and Dynamics from the Time-Dependent Mean Field
P.D. Stevenson, P.M. Goddard, A. Rios
pp. 354-361, [abs, pdf]
Fission Barriers of Two Odd-Neutron Heavy Nuclei
Meng-Hock Koh, L. Bonneau, T.V. Nhan Hao, Dao Duy Duc, P. Quentin
pp. 362-371, [abs, pdf]
Nuclear Physics Studies at ELI-NP
D.L. Balabanski, the ELI-NP Science Team
pp. 372-381, [abs, pdf]
High-K Isomers and the Role of β6 Deformation
P.M. Walker, H.L. Liu, F.R. Xu
pp. 382-386, [abs, pdf]
Rotations of Multi-Quasiparticle High-K States
F.R. Xu, X.M. Fu, W.Y. Liang
pp. 387-394, [abs, pdf]
Improving the Predictive Power of Nuclear Mean Fields from Two-Body Interactions
H. Molique, J. Dudek
pp. 395-403, [abs, pdf]
Comparison of Various HFB Overlap Formulae
M. Oi
pp. 404-409, [abs, pdf]
Tests of Partial Dynamical Symmetries and Their Implications
R.F. Casten
pp. 410-417, [abs, pdf]
Partial Dynamical Symmetry in Odd-Mass Nuclei
A. Leviatan
pp. 418-428, [abs, pdf]
Exact Solutions of the Extended Pairing Interactions in Bose and Fermi Many-Body Systems
F. Pan, Y. Zhang, K.D. Launey, L. Dai, X. Guan, J.P. Draayer
pp. 429-438, [abs, pdf]
Proton-Neutron Pairs in Heavy Deformed Nuclei
D. Bonatsos, I.E. Assimakis, A. Martinou
pp. 439-449, [abs, pdf]
The Emergent Euclidean Dynamical Symmetry in Nuclear Shape Phase Transitions
Y. Zhang, X.X. Wang, X.R. Yu, X.X. Li, S.Y. An
pp. 450-456, [abs, pdf]
Algebraic Collective Model and Its Applications
G. Thiamova
pp. 457-466, [abs, pdf]
Modeling the Shape: Some Contemporary Approaches to Quadrupole-Octupole Deformations in Atomic Nuclei
N. Minkov
pp. 467-476, [abs, pdf]
Mechanism of Termination of Negative-Parity Bands
G.G. Adamian, N.V. Antonenko, H. Lenske
pp. 477-484, [abs, pdf]
Various Aspects of the Deformation Dependent Mass model of Nuclear Structure
D. Petrellis, D. Bonatsos, N. Minkov
pp. 485-493, [abs, pdf]
Shapes and Symmetries of Nuclei
A. Góźdź, A. Pędrak, A. Dobrowolski, A. Szulerecka, A. Gusev, S. Vinitsky
pp. 494-502, [abs, pdf]
Interplay of γ-Rigid and γ-Stable Collective Motion in Neutron Rich Rare Earth Nuclei
R. Budaca, A.I. Budaca
pp. 503-512, [abs, pdf]
Quadrupole Shape Phase Transitions in the γ-Rigid Regime
P. Buganu, R. Budaca
pp. 513-522, [abs, pdf]
Algebraic Models for Structure of Heavy N=Z Nuclei: IBM-4 Results for Gamow-Teller and α-Transfer Strengths
V.K.B. Kota
pp. 523-533, [abs, pdf]
Extended Microscopic Theory for N ∼ Z Nuclei
K.P. Drumev, A.I. Georgieva
pp. 534-543, [abs, pdf]
Systematic Evaluation of the Nuclear Binding Energies as Functions of F-spin
A.I. Georgieva, A. Aprahamian, I. Bentley, A. Teymurazyan, A. Nystrom
pp. 544-553, [abs, pdf]
E0 Transitions in Even-Even Nuclei
V.P. Garistov, A.I. Georgieva
pp. 554-564, [abs, pdf]
Clustering – Possible Origin of Deformation in 32S?
P. Petkov, M. Stoyanova
pp. 565-571, [abs, pdf]
Current Experimental Techniques of Lifetime Measurements and Their Importance for the Nuclear Structure
S. Pascu, D. Bucurescu, Gh. Căta-Danil, C. Costache, N.M. Florea, D.G. Ghiţă, T. Glodariu, A. Ionescu, C. Mihai, R. Mihai, I. Mitu, N. Mărginean, R. Mărginean, A. Negret, C.R. Niţă, A. Olăcel, L. Stroe, R. Şuvăilă, A. Şerban, S. Toma, A. Turturică, N.V. Zamfir
pp. 572-582, [abs, pdf]
Structure of Low-Lying Positive-Parity States in 99,101,103Ru from In-Beam Fast-Timing Measurements
S. Kisyov, S. Lalkovski, D. Ivanova, N. Mărginean, D. Bucurescu, Gh. Căta-Danil, I. Căta-Danil, D. Deleanu, D.G. Ghiţă, T. Glodariu, R. Lica, R. Mărginean, C. Mihai, A. Negret, C.R. Niţa, S. Pascu, P.Petkov, T. Sava, E. Stefanova, R. Şuvăilă, S. Toma, O. Yordanov, N.V. Zamfir
pp. 583-592, [abs, pdf]
Construction of the UK DESPEC Array for Fast-Timing Measurements
S. Lalkovski, A.M. Bruce, I. Burrows, D.M. Cullen, A. Grant, I.H. Lazarus, Zs. Podolyák, V.F.E. Pucknell, P.H. Regan, M. Rudigier, J. Simpson, J.F. Smith
pp. 593-601, [abs, pdf]
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