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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 43 no. 3 (2016)

Anisotropic and Homogeneous Cosmological Models with Polytropic Equation of State in General Relativity
K.S. Adhav, P.R. Agrawal, R.R. Saraogi
pp. 171-183, [abs, pdf]
Bianchi Type VI0 Cosmological Model with Bulk Viscosity in f(R) Theory
A.Y. Shaikh, S.D. Katore
pp. 184-194, [abs, pdf]
Triaxial Isomer in 103Ru
S. Kisyov, S. Lalkovski, D. Ivanova, N. Mărginean, D. Bucurescu, Gh. Căta-Danil, I. Căta-Danil, D. Deleanu, N. Florea, D. Ghiţă, T.Glodariu, R. Lica, R. Mărginean, C. Mihai, A. Negret, C. Niţa, A. Olacel, S. Pascu, P. Petkov, T. Sava, E.A. Stefanova, R. Suvaila, S. Toma, O. Yordanov, N.V. Zamfir
pp. 195-202, [abs, pdf]
Microscopic Optical Potential Description of Elastic Scattering and Breakup Reactions of Light Exotic Nuclei
V.K. Lukyanov, E.V. Zemlyanaya, K.V. Lukyanov, A.N. Antonov, D.N. Kadrev, M.K. Gaidarov, K. Spasova
pp. 203-214, [abs, pdf]
Continuous Laser Beam Based Optical Detection of Ingredients in Highly Scattering Media
L. Gurdev, T. Dreischuh, O. Vankov, E. Toncheva, L. Avramov, D. Stoyanov
pp. 215-223, [abs, pdf]
Theoretical and Experimental Study on Some Plasma Parameters and Thermophysical Properties of Gas Discharges Used for Excitation of Powerful Metal and Metal Halide Vapour Lasers
K.A. Temelkov, S.I. Slaveeva, Yu.I. Fedchenko
pp. 224-232, [abs, pdf]
Porous One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals for Color Sensing of Vapors and Liquids
T. Babeva
pp. 233-242, [abs, pdf]
Advanced Applications of Optical Polymers
N. Sultanova, S. Kasarova, I. Nikolov
pp. 243-250, [abs, pdf]
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