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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 44 no. 4 (2017)

N. Minkov
pp. 307-308, [abs, pdf]
Structure Evolution and Shape Phase Transitions in Odd-Mass Nuclei
D. Bucurescu, N.V. Zamfir
pp. 309-318, [abs, pdf]
Bohr Model Solution for a Shape Coexisting Potential
R. Budaca, P. Buganu, A.I. Budaca
pp. 319-325, [abs, pdf]
Coupling of the Collective Rotation and Pairing Correlation Modes in Well-Deformed Even-Even Nuclei
P. Quentin, J. Bartel
pp. 326-333, [abs, pdf]
Density and Isospin Dependence of Spin-Orbit Splittings in N = 20 Nuclei within Relativistic Mean-Field Models
G.A. Lalazissis, K. Karakatsanis, P. Ring, E. Litvinova
pp. 334-344, [abs, pdf]
Ab initio Picture of Nuclei: Shapes, Rotations, and Vibrations from Chiral Potentials
K.D. Launey, A.C. Dreyfuss, G.H. Sargsyan, R.B. Baker, M. Miora, J.P. Draayer, T. Dytrych
pp. 345-356, [abs, pdf]
A Simple Way to Correlate and Predict Neutron Capture Cross Sections Relevant to Astrophysics and to Nuclear Science Applications
A. Couture, R.F. Casten, R.B. Cakirli
pp. 357-361, [abs, pdf]
Global Correlations for Low-Lying Collective 2+ States
S. Pittel, Z.Z. Qin, Y. Lei, R. Bijker
pp. 362-371, [abs, pdf]
First Excited 0+ States in Deformed Nuclei
A. Aprahamian, S.R. Lesher, A. Stratman
pp. 372-379, [abs, pdf]
Anomalies in the Behavior of the First Excited K = 0 Band in Deformed Nuclei
R.B. Cakirli, R.F. Casten
pp. 380-384, [abs, pdf]
Proxy-SU(3): A Symmetry for Heavy Nuclei
D. Bonatsos, I.E. Assimakis, N. Minkov, A. Martinou, S.K. Peroulis, S. Sarantopoulou, R.B. Cakirli, R.F. Casten, K. Blaum
pp. 385-397, [abs, pdf]
Foundations of the Proxy-SU(3) Symmetry in Heavy Nuclei
I.E. Assimakis, D. Bonatsos, N. Minkov, A. Martinou, R.B. Cakirli, R.F. Casten, K. Blaum
pp. 398-406, [abs, pdf]
Parameter Free Predictions within the Proxy-SU(3) Model
A. Martinou, D. Bonatsos, I.E. Assimakis, N. Minkov, S. Sarantopoulou, R.B. Cakirli, R.F. Casten, K. Blaum
pp. 407-416, [abs, pdf]
Proxy-SU(3) Symmetry in Heavy Nuclei: Prolate Dominance and Prolate-Oblate Shape Transition
S. Sarantopoulou, D. Bonatsos, I.E. Assimakis, N. Minkov, A. Martinou, R.B. Cakirli, R.F. Casten, K. Blaum
pp. 417-426, [abs, pdf]
Shape Effects in E2 Transition Rates from Z ≈ 76 High-Spin Isomers
P.M. Walker
pp. 427-433, [abs, pdf]
Nuclear Shape Dynamics at Different Energy Scales
N. Minkov
pp. 434-442, [abs, pdf]
Isovector and Isoscalar Pair Correlations in Boson Representation Technique
G. Nikoghosyan, E.A. Kolganova, R.V. Jolos
pp. 443-453, [abs, pdf]
Multiple Multi-Orbit Fermionic and Bosonic Pairing and Rotational SU(3) Algebras
V.K.B. Kota
pp. 454-465, [abs, pdf]
Shapes, Quartets and Clusters of Atomic Nuclei in a Semimicroscopic Framework
J. Cseh, G. Riczu, J. Darai, T. Dytrych, E. Běták
pp. 466-477, [abs, pdf]
Introduction of Fermion Degrees of Freedom in IVBM for the Description of Spectra of Odd Nuclei
V.P. Garistov, A.I. Georgieva
pp. 478-488, [abs, pdf]
Neutron Transfer Reactions for Deformed Nuclei Using Sturmian Basis States
V.G. Gueorguiev, J.E. Escher
pp. 489-497, [abs, pdf]
j-1 Anomaly through the Silver Isotopic Chain
S. Lalkovski
pp. 498-508, [abs, pdf]
Combined Quantum Kinetic and Rate Equations Modeling of the Non-Equilibrium Carrier Dynamics of Matter Exposed to X-Ray Laser Pulses
T. Apostolova, E. Oliva
pp. 509-519, [abs, pdf]
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