Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 46 no. 3 (2019)

Ricci ρ-Soliton and Geometrical Structure in a Dust Fluid and Viscous Fluid Spacetime
M.D. Siddiqi
pp. 163-173, [abs, pdf]
A New Simple Algorithm to Determine the Entanglement Status of Multipartite Pure Quantum States
D.P. Mehendale
pp. 174-188, [abs, pdf]
Remote Radio Isotope Identification Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
I.I. Iliev
pp. 189-201, [abs, pdf]
Systematics of 12C Emission from Superheavy Nuclei
A.M. Nagaraja, H.C. Manjunatha, K.N. Sridhar, S. Alfred Cecil Raj
pp. 202-213, [abs, pdf]
Coherently Driven Two-Level Atom in Open Space and Interacting with Vacuum Modes
T. Abebe, S. Mosissa, N. Belay
pp. 214-228, [abs, pdf]
The Impact of Filtration on Water Modeled by Contact Angle Evaporation (CAE) Distribution
S. Todorov, L. Popova
pp. 229-234, [abs, pdf]
Circular Dichroism in Dimer of Channelrhodopsin
I.J. Lalov
pp. 235-242, [abs, pdf]
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