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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 46 no. 4 (2019)

Preface to the Proceedings of the International Workshop ``Shapes and Dynamics of Atomic Nuclei: Contemporary Aspects'' (SDANCA-19), 3-5 October 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria
N. Minkov
pp. 243-246, [abs, pdf]
Multiple Quantum Phase Transitions in the Zr Isotopes
N. Gavrielov, A. Leviatan, F. Iachello
pp. 247-258, [abs, pdf]
An Overview of the Symmetry Conserving Configuration Mixing Description of Atomic Nuclei with the Gogny Force
J. Luis Egido
pp. 259-268, [abs, pdf]
On Shape Coexistence and Shape Isomerism in Even-Even Nuclei in the Vicinity of 208Pb
K. Pomorski, B. Nerlo-Pomorska, J. Bartel, H. Molique
pp. 269-280, [abs, pdf]
Correlations Beyond Mean Field Based on Covariant Density Functional Theory
P. Ring
pp. 281-291, [abs, pdf]
Collective Coupling between Intrinsic Vortical and Global Rotation Modes Revisited
P. Quentin, J. Bartel, L. Bonneau, Meng-Hock Koh, Nurhafiza M. Nor, Nor Anita Rezle, Kai-Wen Kelvin Lee
pp. 292-302, [abs, pdf]
Effects on the Equation of State through the Uniform Rotation of Neutron Stars
P.S. Koliogiannis, Ch.C. Moustakidis
pp. 303-312, [abs, pdf]
Shell Model Analysis of Multiple SU(3) Algebras in Nuclei
V.K.B. Kota, R. Sahu, P.C. Srivastava
pp. 313-324, [abs, pdf]
Proxy-SU(3) Symmetry for Heavy Deformed Nuclei: Nuclear Spectra
D. Bonatsos, I.E. Assimakis, A. Martinou, S.K. Peroulis, S. Sarantopoulou, N. Minkov
pp. 325-336, [abs, pdf]
Connection between Elliott SU(3) and Spherical Shell Model Bases
A. Martinou, N. Minkov, S. Sarantopoulou, S. Peroulis, I.E. Assimakis, D. Bonatsos
pp. 337-346, [abs, pdf]
Rod-Shaped Nuclei in Covariant Density Functional Theory
Z.X. Ren, P.W. Zhao
pp. 347-353, [abs, pdf]
K-Levels in Axially Deformed Nuclei with Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov Theory
G.A. Lalazissis, K.E. Karakatsanis, V. Prassa, P. Ring
pp. 354-365, [abs, pdf]
K-Isomeric States in Heavy, Well-Deformed Nuclei within a Skyrme?Hartree?Fock?BCS Approach
L. Bonneau, P. Quentin, N. Minkov, D. Ivanova, J. Bartel, H. Molique, Meng Hock Koh
pp. 366-377, [abs, pdf]
Lifetimes and Moments Measurements to Investigate the Structure of Midheavy Nuclei
T.J. Mertzimekis, A. Khaliel, D. Papaioannou, G. Zagoraios, A. Zyriliou
pp. 378-385, [abs, pdf]
Nuclear Structure Effects Involving Pear-Shape Deformation
N. Minkov
pp. 386-394, [abs, pdf]
Electromagnetic Transitions and Branching Ratios as a Tool for Investigating the Fine Structure of Nuclear Excitations
N. Tsoneva
pp. 395-404, [abs, pdf]
Toroidal States of the 12C Nucleus
Cheuk-Yin Wong
pp. 405-414, [abs, pdf]
Chiral Bands with Rigid Quasiparticle Alignments
R. Budaca
pp. 415-423, [abs, pdf]
Shape Phase Transition, Shape Coexistence and Mixing Phenomena within the Bohr Model
P. Buganu, R. Budaca, A. Lahbas, A.I. Budaca
pp. 424-433, [abs, pdf]
Microscopic Structure of the Low-Lying Collective States in 152Sm
H.G. Ganev
pp. 434-444, [abs, pdf]
Ab initio Rotation in 10Be
M.A. Caprio, P.J. Fasano, A.E. McCoy, P. Maris, J.P. Vary
pp. 445-454, [abs, pdf]
Two-Neutron Separation Energies within the Proxy-SU(3) Model
S. Sarantopoulou, A. Martinou, D. Bonatsos
pp. 455-461, [abs, pdf]
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