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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 50 no. 3 (2023)

Na-ion Transportation, Dielectric Relaxation and Electric Modulus Behavior of (PEO/PVDF) Based Nanocomposite Polymer Electrolyte
Kiran Kumar Ganta, Vijaya Kumar Katrapally, Venkata Ramana Jeedi
pp. 207-224, [abs, pdf]
Optical Absorption and Emission Spectral Properties of ZnO-Bi2O3-B2O3:TiO2 Glasses
Bejjipurapu Chandrasekhar, Gunnam Nagarjuna, Sopinti Ramesh, Darsi Rajeswara Rao, B.V. Raghavaiah
pp. 225-231, [abs, pdf]
Phenomenological Description of Features of Even-Even 230-238U isotopes in Framework of Modified Sood Model
K.A. Gado
pp. 232-240, [abs, pdf]
Formation of Antihydrogen Ion in Positronium-Antihydrogen Collision with Screened Coulomb Potential
Dipali Ghosh, C. Sinha
pp. 241-254, [abs, pdf]
Cosmological Parameters and Stability of Bianchi Type-VIII in Sáez-Ballester Theory of Gravitation
J.S. Wath, A.S. Nimkar
pp. 255-264, [abs, pdf]
The study of H2 and N2 Diatomic Molecules in Arbitrary Dimensions with Collective Potential Model
Etido P. Inyang, Eddy S. William, Ekwevugbe Omugbe, Funmilayo Ayedun
pp. 265-279, [abs, pdf]
Effect of Growth Condition on the Structural, Optical and Ionic Characteristics of Chemically Synthesized CuS Nanostructures in Starch Matrix
S.K. Nath, P.K. Kalita
pp. 280-300, [abs, pdf]
A Characterization of Nontrivial Zeros of Riemann Zeta Function
J. Dasan, S. Sajikumar, P. Anitha, V. Hema
pp. 301-310, [abs, pdf]
Conharmonically Flat Spacetimes in FRW Cosmological Model
Sahanous Mallick
pp. 311-321, [abs, pdf]
Factors Affecting Ionic Conductivity in La2-xBixMo1.95V0.05O9-δ (0.075 ≤ x ≤ 0:200): XRD and Raman Studies
Amar Jyoti Saikia, Diptimayee Tripathy, Arvind Pandey
pp. 322-333, [abs, pdf]
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