Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 50 no. 4 (2023)

Study of Resonances in Exotic Drip-Line Nuclei by the Use of Super-Symmetric Quantum Mechanics
Md.A. Khan, M. Hasan, S.H. Mondal, M. Alam, T. Surungan
pp. 335-353, [abs, pdf]
Study of Fusion Reactions of Light Nuclei at Low Energies Using Complex Nucleon-Nucleus Potential Function
Md.A. Khan, S.H. Mondal, M. Alam, M. Hasan
pp. 354-366, [abs, pdf]
Tuneable Radiation Field Aided Quantum Spin Hall Phase in Bi2Se3 Thin Film
Partha Goswami, Udai Prakash Tyagi
pp. 367-378, [abs, pdf]
Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Liquid Molybdenum: Structural and Atomic Transport Properties
D.R. Gohil, A. Shankar, N.K. Bhatt
pp. 379-397, [abs, pdf]
R/S Analysis on Multiparticle Production Process in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at Different SPS Energies
Nirpat Subba, Azharuddin Ahmed, Abdel Nasser Tawfik, Prabir Kumar Haldar
pp. 398-411, [abs, pdf]
Perspectives about Scales and Hierarchies in a Three-Dimensional Quantum Vacuum Ruled by Generalized Uncertainty Relations
Davide Fiscaletti, Amrit Sorli
pp. 412-438, [abs, pdf]
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