Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 51 no. 1 (2024)

Thomas Curtright, Eduardo Guendelman, Peter West
pp. 001-004, [abs, pdf]
MOND & Retarded Gravity
Asher Yahalom
pp. 005-020, [abs, pdf]
Inversion Invariant Volume Element for Strings, Antistrings and Braneworlds
Eduardo Guendelman
pp. 021-041, [abs, pdf]
New Type of Traversable Wormhole
Frans R. Klinkhamer
pp. 042-059, [abs, pdf]
The Vacuum Energy Problem in Quantum Gravity and the Masses of Elementary Particles
Djordje Minic
pp. 060-071, [abs, pdf]
Muonic Kaon and the Kaon Size
David A. Owen
pp. 072-077, [abs, pdf]
Newtonian Gravity on an N-Sphere
T. Curtright, H. Alshal
pp. 078-089, [abs, pdf]
Geometric Cloaks and Resonances
T. Curtright, S. Subedi
pp. 090-103, [abs, pdf]
Scale Invariant Scattering in 2D
Thomas Curtright, Christophe Vignat
pp. 104-108, [abs, pdf]
Lie Groups and Propagators Exemplified
T.L. Curtright, Z. Cao, A. Peca, D. Sarker, B.D. Shrestha
pp. 109-116, [abs, pdf]
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