Bulg. J. Phys. vol.25 no.1-2 (1998), pp. 049-055

Plasma Bubbles on Langmuir Probe in an Inductively Coupled Plasma

S.T. Ivanov1, R.W. Thomae1, H. Klein1, F.H. Hilschert1, N.I. Nikolaev2
1Institut für Angewandte Physik der Johann W. Goethe-Universität, Robert Mayer-Straße 2-4 D-60054 Frankfurt/Main, Germany
2Faculty of Physics, University of Sofia, 5 J. Bourchier Blvd, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria
Abstract. Plasma bubbles have been observed experimentally on Langmuir probes in an inductively coupled plasma created by a helical coil around the plasma source. The bubbles are due to two double layers which prove to be the saturation stage of the Buneman instability. Simultaneously with the bubbles appearance there is an increase of the probe current which is accompanied by a drop of the plasma resistance. A typical hysteresis dynamics for double layers have been observed.

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